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Name Description
Annotations Annotation Module handles the Annotation of the axis.
Animation Configures the animation of pointers.
Annotation ‘Annotation’ module is used to handle annotation action for an axis.
Axis Configures an axis in a gauge.
Cap Configures the needle cap in pointer.
Label Configures the axis label.
Line Configures the axis line.
NeedleTail Configures the back needle in pointers.
Pointer Configures the pointers of an axis.
Range Configures the ranges of an axis.
Tick Configures the major and minor tick lines of an axis.
CircularGauge Represents the Circular gauge control.
Border Configures the borders in circular gauge.
Font Configures the fonts in circular gauge.
Margin Configures the margin of circular gauge.
TooltipSettings Configures the tooltip in circular gauge.
GaugeTooltip Tooltip Module handles the tooltip of the circular gauge
GaugeLocation Internal use of circular gauge location
Size Internal class size
IAnimationCompleteEventArgs Specifies AnimationComplete event arguments for circular gauge.
IAnnotationRenderEventArgs Specifies AnnotationRender event arguments for circular gauge.
IAxisLabelRenderEventArgs Specifies AxisLabelRender event arguments for circular gauge.
ICircularGaugeEventArgs Specifies Circular-Gauge Events
IFontMapping Specifies font mapping
ILoadedEventArgs Specifies Loaded event arguments for circular gauge.
IMouseEventArgs Specifies Mouse events arguments for circular gauge.
IPointerDragEventArgs Specifies DragStart, DragMove and DragEnd events arguments for circular gauge.
IRadiusCalculateEventArgs Specifies radiusRender event arguments for circular gauge
IResizeEventArgs Specifies Resize event arguments for circular gauge.
ITooltipRenderEventArgs Specifies TooltipRender event arguments for circular gauge.
IVisiblePointer Specifies visible point
Static Functions Root static functions of CircularGauge Component
GaugeShape Defines the shape of marker. They are
* circle - Renders a circle.
* rectangle - Renders a rectangle.
* triangle - Renders a triangle.
* diamond - Renders a diamond.
* cross - Renders a cross.
* horizontalLine - Renders a horizontalLine.
* verticalLine - Renders a verticalLine.
* pentagon- Renders a pentagon.
* invertedTriangle - Renders a invertedTriangle.
* image - Renders a image.