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Overview API in JavaScript (ES5) Bullet Chart API control

Name Description
BulletChart bullet chart
BulletChartLegend Legend module is used to render legend for the chart.
BulletChartLegendSettings Configures the legends in charts.
BulletDataLabel Configures the DataLabel in the bullet chart.
BulletLabelStyle Configures the fonts in bullet chart.
BulletTooltipSettings Configures the ToolTips in the bullet chart.
MajorTickLinesSettings Configures the major tick lines.
MinorTickLinesSettings Configures the minor tick lines.
Range Configuration of the bullet chart ranges
BulletChartAxis Class for Bullet chart axis
ScaleGroup class for Bullet chart Scale Group
BulletTooltip BulletTooltip module is used to render the tooltip for bullet chart.
IBulletBounds Interface for feature and comparative bar bounds
IBulletLoadedEventArgs interface for loaded event
IBulletResizeEventArgs Interface for Bullet chart Resize events
IBulletScaleBounds Interface for Bullet chart scale calculations
IBulletTemplate Bullet chart tooltip template
IBulletTooltipContent Interface for tooltip content
IBulletchartTooltipEventArgs Tooltip Event arguments
IFeatureBarBounds Interface for feature bar bounds
IVerticalBulletBounds Interface for feature and comparative bar bounds