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Overview API in JavaScript (ES5) Base API control

Name Description
Ajax Ajax class provides ability to make asynchronous HTTP request to the server
Animation The Animation framework provide options to animate the html DOM elements
Component Base class for all Essential JavaScript components
Draggable Draggable Module provides support to enable draggable functionality in Dom Elements.
Position Specifies the position coordinates
Droppable Droppable Module provides support to enable droppable functionality in Dom Elements.
EventHandler EventHandler class provides option to add, remove, clear and trigger events to a HTML DOM element
Fetch The Fetch class provides a way to make asynchronous network requests, typically to retrieve resources from a server.
Internationalization Internationalization class provides support to parse and format the number and date object to the desired format.
KeyboardEvents KeyboardEvents class enables you to bind key action desired key combinations for ex., Ctrl+A, Delete, Alt+Space etc.
L10n L10n modules provides localized text for different culture.
SwipeSettings SwipeSettings is a framework module that provides support to handle swipe event like swipe up, swipe right, etc..,
Touch Touch class provides support to handle the touch event like tap, double tap, tap hold, etc..,
GlobalAnimationMode Defines the global animation modes for all components.
AnimationOptions Animation event argument for progress event handler
DragEventArgs Drag Event arguments
DropInfo Interface to specify the drag data in the droppable.
DropEventArgs Interface for drop event args
BeforeSendFetchEventArgs Provides information about the beforeSend event.
DateFormatOptions Interface for dateFormatOptions
NumberFormatOptions Interface for numberFormatOptions
KeyboardEventArgs KeyboardEvents
ModuleDeclaration Interface for module declaration.
ScrollEventArgs The argument type of Scroll Event
SwipeEventArgs The argument type of Swipe Event
TapEventArgs The argument type of Tap Event
IKeyValue Common utility methods
Static Functions Root static functions of Base Library
Effect Animation effect names
DragDirection Specifies the Direction in which drag movement happen.