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Add Additional Data on Upload in JavaScript Uploader control

The uploader component allows you to add additional data on file upload, which is used to get in the server-side. By using uploading event and its customFormData argument, you can achieve this behavior. Refer to the following example.

In the following code snippet, explains about how to add additional data on file upload.

import { Uploader } from '@syncfusion/ej2-inputs';

let uploadObj: Uploader = new Uploader({
    asyncSettings: {
        saveUrl: '',
        removeUrl: ''
    uploading: onFileUpload


function onFileUpload(args: any) {
    // add addition data as key-value pair.
    args.customFormData = [{'name': 'Syncfusion INC'}];

Server side for adding additional data

    // Get the additional data in server end by corresponding key.
    var data = HttpContext.Current.Request.Form["name"];