Api leafItemSettingsModel in EJ2 TypeScript Treemap control

19 Apr 20231 minute to read

Interface for a class LeafItemSettings


autoFill boolean

Items rendering with random colors.

border BorderModel

Specifies the border

colorMapping ColorMappingModel[]

Specifies the colorMapping

fill string

Specifies the fill color for leaf items.

gap number

Specifies the item gap.

interSectAction string

Specifies the label intersect action.

labelFormat string

Specifies the label format.

labelPath string

Specifies the field name from the dataSource.

labelPosition string

Specifies the alignment of label.

labelStyle FontModel

Customize the label style.

labelTemplate string

Specifies the label template.

opacity number

Specifies the opacity for color.

padding number

Specifies the padding.

showLabels boolean

To show or hide the labels

templatePosition string

Specifies the alignment of template.