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The types of Slider are as follows:

Types Usage
Default Shows a default Slider to select a single value.
MinRange Displays the shadow from the start value to the current selected value.
Range Selects a range of values. It also displays the shadow in-between the selection range.

Both the Default Slider and Min-Range Slider have same behavior that is used to select a single value. In Min-Range Slider, a shadow is considered from the start value to current handle position. But the Range Slider contains two handles that is used to select a range of values and a shadow is considered in between the two handles.

import { Slider } from '@syncfusion/ej2-inputs';

// Initialize default Slider component
 let defaultObj: Slider = new Slider({
        value: 30

    // Initialize minrange Slider component
    let minRangeObj: Slider = new Slider({
        value: 30,
        type: 'MinRange'

    // Initialize range Slider component
    let rangeObj: Slider = new Slider({
        value: [30, 70],
        type: 'Range'