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Syncfusion JavaScript UI Controls (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

October 1, 2020


  • Provided support for latest sass compilation.


  • #278404 - “Ean-13 barcode not rendering” issue has been fixed.


  • #292937 - Trendlines will work properly while setting maximum value for axis.
  • #290292 - MinorGridlines position will be updated properly on live update.
  • #278036 - Stacked Step Area, the new series type added.
  • Title support has been provided for legend.
  • Page navigation support provided for legend items.


  • #289787 - Animation of the pointer will now work properly when the axis is in the anticlockwise direction.

Dashboard Layout

  • #284795, #286988, #291408, #291630 - The issue with rendering panels when using angular template has been fixed.
  • #282904 - The issue with the empty space while setting allowFloating as true has been resolved.
  • #271335 - The support for rendering panels with their respective column size in the mobile view has been provided.


  • 287578 - The issue “Connector segments not update properly” has been fixed.
  • 292951 - The issue “Text size is different if Text Node is created over another diagram” has been fixed.
  • 293420 - The issue “Annotation undo redo not working properly if the line routing is enabled” has been fixed.
  • 289382 - The issue “Exported data returns same png format for all other format” has been fixed.
  • 291513 - The issue ” Exception occurs while change allowDrag from false to true for symbol palette” has been fixed.
  • 292558 - The issue “Node Rotate constraints does not work properly” has been fixed.
  • 289532 - The issue “Group offsetX and offsetY does not update after add child to it” has been fixed.
  • 291274 - The issue “Mouse Enter, Mouse Over event does not get triggered for selected item” has been fixed.
  • F156456 - The issue “SVG image not exported properly” has been fixed
  • #288628 - The issue “HTML node does not gets added at run time” has been fixed.
  • #289513 - The issue with “Group rotation does not work as expected” has been fixed.
  • 289532 - The issue “Group width and height does not update” has been fixed.
  • 285600 - The issue “Complex hierarchical layout does not arrange properly” has been fixed.
  • F157055 - The issue “Port inedge and outedge not updated properly” has been fixed.
  • 291364 - The issue “Connector’s tooltip position updated wrongly” has been fixed.
  • 287349 - The issue “Infinite loop occurs while setting delete constraints for node in swim-lane and clear diagram” has been fixed.
  • 290066 - The issue “SendToBack and BringToFront not work for connector with group node” has been fixed.
  • 276871, F154206 - Customization support for individual symbols has been added.
  • 281811 - Now the ports are rendered over the HTML layer.
  • 246813 - Now supports the click event to notify the type of button clicked.
  • 283317 - Fixed user handle has been added to diagram nodes and connectors.
  • F150538 - Added an Expand and Collapse palette notification event to the symbol palette.
  • 277397 - Added support to notify the pan state during the scroll change event.


  • #278841 - The issue with “user interaction to parent application through keyboard(tab key) when modal dialog rendering with footer template” has been resolved.

Document Editor

  • #283180 - Resolved font family no records found issue.
  • #282303 - Paste dropdown now hides when creating or opening new document.
  • #280951 - Table content renders properly now for table with merged cells.
  • #280973 - Resolved script while getting bookmarks from selection.
  • #284486 - Comment Tab in pane is removed when enable comment is false.
  • #283344 - Resolved the initial delay in pasting images.
  • #282707,#284035 - Resolved bullet list exporting issue in MAC devices.
  • #284412 - Comment mark is now deleted properly when comment is deleted.
  • #281339 - Resolved RTL issue when editing a list content.
  • #276616 - Paragraph maintained when inserting text in whole paragraph similar to MS Word.
  • #284775 - Resolved table resize enabled issue in protected mode.
  • #282504 - Resolved footer content overlapping issue when inserting image and table in footer.
  • #286986 - Table properties are now written properly on html exporting.
  • #286520 - Inserted text selection now applied properly after applying style.
  • #287740 - Paper size dropdown in page setup dialog now updated for document with A4 format.
  • #282515 - Resolved error on exporting a document which contains restart numbering.
  • #287633 - Table containing alignment is now exporting properly with alignment.
  • #286469 - Resolved table formatting issue when table splits to multiple pages.
  • #285747 - Resolved script error on server side export.
  • #284704 - Resolved script error on changing the footer distance.
  • #283529 - Resolved table layout issue when table is center aligned.
  • #286474 - Resolved table re layout issue when table have left indent value.
  • #289186 - Resolved issue on exporting a text box with line format none.
  • #288198 - Font family customization is also available on modify style dialog now.
  • #289187 - Resolved table border rendering issue when table have merged cells.
  • #287255 - Resolved page unresponsive error occurs on mail merge.
  • #286474, #288778 - Resolved script error thrown on choosing fill color.
  • #155699 - Image resize history is now called before the content change event.
  • #156086 - Resolved table layout issue on opening a saved document with merged cells.
  • #148494 - Resolved script error on destroying the container.
  • #289186 - Resolved layout issue on exporting a text box.
  • #289172 - Resolved script error when two or more server request is passed at same time.
  • #287775 - Resolved script error on saving a document with form field.
  • #289902 - Custom page height and width is now updating properly in page setup dialog.
  • #289902 - Resolved review pane enabled issue when track changes is disabled.
  • #157264 - Resolved script error when finding a text with curly braces.
  • #290625 - Tick icon in line spacing is aligned properly now.
  • #291882 - Now,Text contents were not transformed to upper case while copying.
  • #287582 - Apply shading property for form field is now maintained also on exported document.
  • #280951 - Table contents were not rendered on footer region now.
  • #287195 - Resolved script error throw while deleting large text inside a table.
  • #155699 - Resolved selection change event gets triggered before created event of document editor issue.
  • #290271 - Resolved some elements are not created with unique id in document editor component issue.
  • #288253 - Exported document with comments from editor contain initials property in file level now.
  • #287740 - Landscape Orientation not updated properly in page setup dialog now.
  • #291080, #157393 - Restrict editing property works when setting on component creation now.
  • Added API to delete bookmark.
  • #267515- Added API to get searched item hierarchical index.
  • #284937- Added API show restrict editing pane.
  • #280089, #283427, #250760 - Added event to notify service failure.
  • #275184 - Added support for retrieving next and previous element context type from current selection range.
  • #243495 - Added support for automatic text color.
  • #279355 - Added support to enable properties pane in read only mode.
  • #260677, #277329 - Added support for cropping images in document editor.
  • #250760 - Added before file open event to restrict document loading based on file size.
  • #256210, #259583, #280989, #282228 - Added support for all Caps property for character.
  • #156915 - Added public API to check whether the selection is in edit region.
  • #287831 - Added public API to show spell check dialog.
  • #284434 - Spell checker performance was optimized.
  • #290372 - Added support to apply restart page number for different sections.
  • #290423 - Added resize API in document editor container.
  • #243495, #247427, #248347, #252755, #254094, #254684, #256926, #248347, #260233, #262638, #273681, #155458, #278038 - Added support to preserve content control feature.


  • #261558 – Leader length is now working properly in the firefox browser.

Excel Export

  • Internet Explorer version 11 Grid to Excel export issue is fixed.
  • Date issue is fixed for CSV export.
  • File corruption issue is fixed in Grid to Excel export.
  • Fixed currency format thousand separator missing issue.


  • #293528 - Issue when work value is given as decimal values has been fixed.


  • #279959, #278895 - Provided lazy load grouping support.
  • #252918 - Provided immutable mode and methods support.


  • 287830 - The issue with using setState in the HeatMap has been resolved.


  • #287430 - The issue with “Mismatch in the events argument type information” has been resolved.


  • Tooltip will now work properly in the Firefox browser.
  • #289346 - A property allowMargin is exposed to render the gauge with space around the axis.


  • compatibility issues with EJ1 has been fixed.


  • #288456 - The issue when clicking the header of the ListView component has been resolved.
  • Provided support for rendering JsRender template in the ListView component.


  • #F157226 - Marker clusters will now render properly when the markers are added dynamically to the maps.
  • #289864 - Hyperlinks added in the tooltip template will now be clickable in the click action.
  • #289034 - Panning will now work properly on mobile devices.
  • #287918 - Markers will now render properly when the animation duration is greater than 0.
  • #285727 - Outline for the shapes will no longer appear when clicking on it.

#291448 - A property isShapeSelected is exposed in the event arguments of the click event to specify whether the map shape is selected or not.

PDF Viewer

  • #F156838 - The export success event triggers properly when you export the form fields data using the ExportFormFieldsAsObject method.
  • #285509 - Now, the signature is loaded properly in the PDF document.
  • #289417 - Now, the annotation toolbar position is maintained correctly.
  • #283977, #288781 - Now, the custom stamp image is maintained correctly.
  • #291591 - Now, the text selection event is triggered properly.
  • #287511 - Resolved the casing issue in the stamp annotation.
  • #285244 - Provided the support to render the button field in the PDF document.
  • #289233 - Provided the support to add an expiration timing for the cache.
  • #267670 - Exposed the toolbar option to retrieve the form field data in the JSON format.
  • #292106 - Exposed the property to open the annotation toolbar during the initial loading.
  • #285456 - Provided the support to change the localization dynamically for the PDF viewer control.
  • #291004 - Provided the support to display the signature throughout the given signature field.
  • #288250 - Provided the support to maintain the selection of the text markup annotation.
  • #284600,#F152648 - Provided the support to navigate between the signature fields in the code behind.
  • #284195, #285170, #288894, #293861, #294991 - Provided the support to add the custom signature image and text in the signature field.

Pdf Export

  • Performance issue with true type font is fixed.
  • Preservation issue with PDF colour empty constructor is fixed.
  • Preservation issue with PDF Grid in Angular sample browser is fixed.
  • Rendering issue with exceeded image into PDF export is fixed.
  • Rendering issue with PDF Grid border into PDF export is fixed.
  • Rendering issue with Pdf number style is fixed.
  • Rendering issue with Line break is fixed.
  • Added Draw Path support
  • Added Draw Arc support
  • Added support for Linear gradient brush
  • Added support for Radial gradient brush
  • Added support for Tiling brush
  • Added support for PDF Brushes.


  • Progress bar label not render at end of the progress has been fixed.



#292431 - The issue with “Rich Text Editor input elements are not destroyed properly when rendered based on the conditions” has been resolved.


  • #292642 - An issue with date navigation from calendar today button with different timezone has been fixed.
  • #292609 - An issue with applying minDate and maxDate when until date of recurrence editor is configured has been fixed.
  • #157158 - An issue with events not displaying when set minDate and maxDate as string type has been fixed.
  • #292093 - An issue with events that are not properly rendered when the drag target moves outside the work cell has been fixed.
  • #157442 - An issue with improper alignment of header cells while remove resource dynamically has been fixed.
  • #287725 - An issue with clone element height is not calculated properly when disable the timescale in week view has been fixed.
  • #292250 - An issue with timeline views resource tree tab accessibility navigation has been fixed.



#I276272- Spinner not showed until remote data being loaded issue is fixed. #I285113, #I285621, #I286053, #I286103, #I288652- Spreadsheet is not working in ES2015 issue is fixed. #I287385 - Added missed text in the localization file.


#I282699- Provided option to prevent protected sheet dialog box in spreadsheet.

  • Picture: Allows you to view, insert, and modify a picture in a spreadsheet with customizing options.
  • Multi-line editing: Allows you to insert a line break between paragraphs of the text within a cell in a Spreadsheet.
  • Range selection helper: Helps you to select a range or multiple ranges when editing a formula in a cell.

Stock Chart

  • #290529 - Date range picker is not proper when rendering 2 stock charts issue has been fixed.


  • #288139 - Issue with “the floating label not moved to top, when choose the value using autofill option in chrome browser” has been resolved.


  • #F157258 - updateRow method works fine for updating collapsed data.
  • #292933 - checkbox rendered properly while using the template column.
  • #289685 - Aggregate Column Formatting is working fine
  • #288542 - The Expand / Collapse icon has been rendered properly while enabling expand state mapping and adding a new record.
  • #287235 - While enabling expand state mapping the Expand / Collapse icon works fine at nested child levels.
  • #285434- Column SortComparer function works fine with null values for RemoteSaveAdaptor datasource.
  • #284987- Records rendered properly while using remote save adaptor in created event.
  • #285434- Column SortComparer function works fine with null values in datasource.
  • #F155077- Records rendered properly while using remote data with jQuery unobtrusive library.


  • Standardized the spacing between two TreeView nodes in the Bootstrap4 theme.