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Syncfusion JavaScript UI Controls (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

March 19, 2020


Breaking Changes

The newly added Dropdown Tree component in dropdowns package requires Navigations dependency, so now it is mandatory to include the ej2-navigations.umd.min.js in system.js configuration if you are using the system.js module loader. Update the system.js configuration while going with this version and above.


  • #263853 - An issue with height is not properly set to the accordion item when perform expand or collapse has been fixed.

Accumulation chart

  • 263828 - Accumulation chart safari browser animation issue has fixed.

Bullet Chart

  • Provided support to legend for targets, actual value and ranges in bullet chart.


  • #268306 - Console error thrown while hiding tooltip issue has been fixed.
  • Provided support to highlight the data points in chart.
  • Provided support for patterns to the selected and highlighted data.


  • #256184 - The unwanted div element appended in the DOM is removed now.


  • F151275 - The issue “Connector has selected wrongly when clicking the user handles of other node” has been fixed.
  • F151027 - The issue “Cannot get the TextAnnotation node margin values dropped in the swimlane” has been fixed.
  • F151264 - The issue “Need to change evt.args node/connector type as DiagramNode/DiagramConnector in Blazor Validated” has been fixed.
  • 266664 - The issue “Ruler disappears after the diagram moves beyond viewport” has been fixed.
  • F149624 - The issue “Diagram Component Export renders with black background on safari browser” has been fixed.
  • F151341 - The issue “Specifying a layout results in exception when state of nodes changes” has been fixed.
  • F151232 - The issue “Cannot read the property ‘0’ of undefined” has been fixed.
  • #263839 - The issue “Fit To Page leaving too much space around content” has been fixed.
  • F151197 - The issue with the Zoom-Pan option that disables the connectors has been fixed.
  • #264576 - The issue “Snapping support on zooming the diagram” has been fixed.
  • #227953 - The issue “Line routing does not consider for some nodes” has been fixed.
  • F151098 - The issue “Port constraints is not working while draw connector through port” has been fixed.
  • F152070 - The exception occurs when you try to resize a node outside the boundary constraints has been fixed.
  • 266374 - The issue “Tool tip does not hide while mouse move on diagram” has been fixed.
  • 264862 - The Performance issue with overview sample has been fixed.
  • F151374 - The issue “Connector stroke style does not update properly” has been fixed.
  • #232055 - Support added to change appearance of grid pattern.

Document Editor

  • #263861 - Table cells are now resized properly.
  • #260600 , #266651 - RTL characters are now remove properly on backspace and delete.
  • #260600 - When direction is RTL, elements now rearranged properly after change character formatting.
  • #250770 , #263443 - RTL text layout properly with special characters.
  • #264351 - Justify paragraph is layout properly when paragraph contains field.
  • #264631 - Stop protection is now working if password is empty.
  • #263171 - Cell options dialog content is now aligned properly.
  • #150960 - Hidden separator in context menu when hyperlink is disabled.
  • #150995 - Resolved error when importing the document with editable region restrictions.
  • #260600, #150466 , #266311 - Properties pane is now enabled properly based on the context type in header footer region.
  • #260133 - Resolved navigation issue on Ctrl + click in MAC machine.
  • 150960 - Enable/disable comment now working properly.
  • #263608 , #150960 - Resolved script error when disable toolbar.
  • #261241 - Resolved script error when remove hyperlink in splitted widget.
  • #259011 - Paragraph before spacing layout issue is now resolved.
  • #260206 - Resolved numbering list issue when list contains start at value.
  • #260206 - Restart numbering is now working properly for different number format.
  • #260637 - Resolved script error when removing comment in header.
  • #249197 - Resolved exception when export Sfdt to other type in server side.
  • #252868 - Resolved script error when resize row to next page.
  • #259972 - Formatting is now applied properly for keep text only option in paste.
  • #258191 - Table cell width are now updated properly.
  • #260133, #261809 - Page scrolling issue is resolved when right click in MAC machine.
  • #258087, #255070 - Grid columns are now preserved properly on export.
  • #255070 - Page headers is now export properly when section break in table.
  • #259583 - List level number for style paragraph is now export properly.
  • #259153 - Table cell width and height is now copy properly.
  • #258121 - Resolved warnings in bootstrap4 styles when run the application in Firefox.
  • #249197 - Highlight colours are now exported properly.
  • #260048, #256276 - Image files are now pasted properly.
  • #256903 - Resolved bookmarks API issue when bookmark is in table.
  • #256758 - Resolved selection issue after correcting the spelling mistake.
  • #258938 - Resolved typo error in place holder of comments text area.
  • #257481 - Font family in font dialog is now update properly based on current selection.
  • #257171 - Bookmarks is now update properly after paste with formatting.
  • #257161 - List number is now update properly when hidden field contains list paragraph.
  • #246365 - Borders are now render properly when copy and paste from excel.
  • #257455 - Font colour is now update properly in modify style dialog.
  • #250770 - Line is now arranged properly when insert field.
  • #255913, #257879 - Bookmark is now insert properly in splitted paragraph.
  • #255736 , #256106 , #257011 - Context menu is now open in Firefox, Edge and Safari.
  • #254998 - Character format is now apply properly for selected bookmark.
  • #254997, #256764, #257106 , #256764 - Paragraph format is now export properly if document contains selection.
  • #255272 - Resolved script error when navigate to bookmark in header.
  • #255188 - Bookmark is now preserved properly in header and footer.
  • #255601 - Bookmark is now select properly after insert text.
  • #256385 - Copy is now working properly in Firefox.
  • #256321 - Auto fit table is now lay-out properly if maximum word width exceeds container width.
  • #256509 - Resolved script error throws on backspace when selection is in bookmark end.
  • #256053 - TOC outline level is now serialized properly on Word export.
  • #256449 - Bullet list is now render properly in IOS chrome and safari.
  • #256099 - List is now apply properly in multilevel list.
  • #256384 - Tab width is now update properly when paragraph contains hanging indent.
  • 249782, 254484, 149278,258415,260463 - Added support for toolbar customization.
  • 253670 - Enhancements for copy and paste operation.
  • #262665, #151012 - Added API to customize search highlight colour.
  • #249197 - Added API to enable/disable spell check action.
  • #237725, #253671 - Added support for web layout.
  • #260639 - Added enableComment property to enable and disable comment.
  • #259970 - Handled paste list behaviour using start at value of list.
  • #256487 - Enhancements for mouse and keyboard selection.
Breaking Changes
  • Default value of enableLocalPaste is set to false. So, by default, the content will be pasted from the system clipboard.
  • Some locale properties are renamed as below
Previous Now
Linked(Paragraph and Character) Linked Style
Don’t add space between the paragraphs of the same styles Contextual Spacing
The password don’t match Password Mismatch
Exceptions (optional) Exceptions Optional
Select parts of the document and choose users who are allowed to freely edit them. Select Part Of Document And User
Yes, Start Enforcing Protection Enforcing Protection
This document is protected from unintentional editing. You may edit in this region. Protected Document
You may format text only with certain styles. You may format text only with certain styles
Type your comment hear Type your comment here
Added comments not posted. If you continue, that comment will be discarded. Discard Comment
Header & Footer Header And Footer
Different header and footer for odd and even pages. Different header and footer for odd and even pages
Different Odd & Even Pages Different Odd And Even Pages
Different header and footer for first page. Different header and footer for first page
Distance from top of the page to top of the header Distance from top of the page to top of the header
Distance from bottom of the page to bottom of the footer. Distance from bottom of the page to bottom of the footer
Insert / Delete Insert Or Delete
Number of heading or outline levels to be shown in table of contents. Number of heading or outline levels to be shown in table of contents
Show page numbers in table of contents. Show page numbers in table of contents
Right align page numbers in table of contents. Right align page numbers in table of contents
Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers. Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers
Bold (Ctrl+B) Bold Tooltip
Italic (Ctrl+I) Italic Tooltip
Underline (Ctrl+U) Underline Tooltip
Superscript (Ctrl+Shift++) Superscript Tooltip
Subscript (Ctrl+=) Subscript Tooltip
Align left (Ctrl+L) Align left Tooltip
Center (Ctrl+E) Center Tooltip
Align right (Ctrl+R) Align right Tooltip
Justify (Ctrl+J) Justify Tooltip
Create a new document. Create a new document
Open a document. Open a document
Undo the last operation (Ctrl+Z). Undo Tooltip
Redo the last operation (Ctrl+Y). Redo Tooltip
Insert inline picture from a file. Insert inline picture from a file
Create a link in your document for quick access to web pages and files (Ctrl+K). Create Hyperlink
Insert a bookmark in a specific place in this document. Insert a bookmark in a specific place in this document
Provide an overview of your document by adding a table of contents. Provide an overview of your document by adding a table of contents
Add or edit the header. Add or edit the header
Add or edit the footer. Add or edit the footer
Open the page setup dialog. Open the page setup dialog
Add page numbers. Add page numbers
Find text in the document (Ctrl+F). Find Text
The current page number in the document. Click or tap to navigate specific page. Current Page Number

The Dropdown Tree control allows you to select single or multiple values from hierarchical data in a tree-like structure. It has several out-of-the-box features, such as data binding, check boxes, templates, UI customization, accessibility, and preselected values. The available key features are

  • Data binding - Bind and access a hierarchical list of items from a local or server-side data source.
  • Check boxes - Select more than one item in the Dropdown Tree control without affecting the UI appearance.
  • Multiple selection - Select more than one item in the control.
  • Sorting - Display the Dropdown Tree items in ascending or descending order.
  • Template - Customize the Dropdown Tree items, header, footer, action failure content, and no records content.
  • Accessibility - Provide access to all the Dropdown Tree control features through keyboard interaction, on-screen readers, and other assistive technology devices.

Excel Export

  • Internet Explorer version 11 Grid to Excel export issue is fixed.
  • Date issue is fixed for CSV export.
  • File corruption issue is fixed in Grid to Excel export.

File Manager

  • #266091 - Now, the date modified column in the details view is globalized based on the locale value.
  • #266713 - The script error thrown while performing the GetImage operation in NodeJS File System Provider has been fixed.
  • Added the File Provider support for IBM Cloud Object Storage.
  • #262023 - Added the upload customization support for ASP.NET Core Azure File Provider.
  • #151515 - Added the upload customization support for SQL Server File Provider.


  • #263236 - Issue on multi-level dragged parent dropped into last index has been fixed.
  • #264099 - Issue in tab key action in edited state is fixed.
  • #238591,#247663,#253913,#263052,F147148,F147548,F149280 - Provided support for PDF export which exports Gantt data to PDF format.
  • #258677,#264570,F149280 - Provided support for manual task scheduling which is used to scheduling the task manually without any dependency.
  • F146634 - Provided support for Resource Unit, which indicate the efficiency of resource by each task and Work mapping support which is used to allocate the total number of works to a task.
  • #245866,#252413,#262485,F147349 - Provided support for the Resource view which is used to visualize the list of tasks assigned to each resource in hierarchical order.


  • #261856 - Initial sorting with initial grouping issue has been fixed.
  • #264895 - Provided support to add aggregates for auto generated columns dynamically.
  • #263303 - Grid UI has been refreshed while changing allowRowDragAndDrop property.
  • #264370 - Empty tooltip for checkbox column with ellipsisWithTooltip property issue has been resolved.
  • #252918 - Provided a feature to change the UI and datasource value without enabling edit property.
  • #261903, #263836 - Incorrect datetime predicate issue has been resolved.


  • #259129 - Provided the support to display the exceeding X-Axis label using the labelIntersectAction property value as MultipleRows.
  • Now the lengthier Y-Axis label can trimmed with ellipses using the maxLabelLength property.


  • Priority Support: The features enable to render the cards based on the priority value. So, user can easily drag and drop the cards to particular place.


  • Dynamic show checkBox not working in grouping has been fixed.


  • The issue with enabling the virtualization support in ListView component that throws script error in IE 11 browser has been resolved.


  • #264141 - Zooming with zoomToCoordinates() method will now render the data labels properly.
  • #263976 - Script errors will not be thrown when zooming to the maximum level in the Maps component.
  • #F149168 - Support is provided to parse and utilize the complex data source.
  • #258888 - The map rendered from the providers such as Bing, OSM, and Google can now be exported in the supported formats.

PDF Viewer

  • #I262525 – The render PDF pages method triggers properly for the provided PDF document.
  • #I262692 - The text markup resizer position is now updated properly for the provided document.
  • #I262692 - The text content bounds are now rendered properly for the provided document.
  • #I235592 - Provided the support for setting the lower zoomfactor value to the PDF Viewer control.
  • #I259521 - Provided the support for importing the form fields data from JSON object.
  • #I261558 - Provided the support for customizing the distance measurement annotation leader length property.
  • #I256687 - Provided the support for setting the custom data for annotation objects.
  • #I252340 - Provided the support for setting the minimum or maximum size and isLock properties at individual annotation level.
  • #I262008 - Exposed the event for notifying annotation mouse over action.
  • #F149148 - Provided the binding support for the enableFormFields property.
  • #I258769 - Provided the option to suppress the error dialog in PDF Viewer.
  • #I261269 - Provided the support to allow credential for XMLHttpRequest in PDF Viewer.
  • #I262787 - Exposed the event to notify the getPDFDocumentTexts method completed for all the pages.

Pdf Export

  • Performance issue with true type font is fixed.
  • Preservation issue with PDF colour empty constructor is fixed.
  • Preservation issue with PDF Grid in Angular sample browser is fixed.

Pivot Table

  • #259812 - Provision has been provided to display only the required aggregation types in their context menu.
  • #262927 - Now, the drill through and editing feature can be worked in pivot chart by clicking its series.
  • #263612 - Authentication option provided to access the OLAP Cube while connecting it in a pivot table.
  • #151883 - Additional parameters are included in the cell template feature to distinguish each cells.
  • Now, you can customize the each field buttons (show and hide the icons, restrict drag and drop operations) available in grouping bar and field list separately.
  • Provision provided to customize the tooltip for both pivot table and pivot chart views.
  • Formatting option included in the calculated field pop-up to format the calculated fields dynamically.
  • Provision provided to display only the required chart types in its context menu available in toolbar panel.
  • An option included in the chart types context menu to change the multiple axes option dynamically.
  • An option included in the member editor to sort its members in a desired order.
  • Provision provided to export the complete page when virtual scroll option is enabled.
Breaking Changes

The appearance of the pivot table component has been improved.


ProgressBar control is used to visualize the changing status of an extended operation such as a download, file transfer, or installation. All Progress bar elements are rendered by using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

  • Type - Visualizes the progress in different shapes, such as rectangle and circle.
  • Annotation - Displays the custom content at the center of the circular progress bar.
  • Segments - Visualizes the progress in different segments.
  • Angle - Customizes the angle of the circular progress bar.
  • Customization - Customizes the progress and tracks thickness and color.
  • Animation - Progress bar be animated when rendering and refreshing the widget.


  • Improvements in Value Template support.


  • #258971 - Resolved the issue with an image element that is appended on insert image dialog drop area when drag and drop an image.


  • #151738 - An issue with swipe action in mobile mode while applying setWorkHours() method has been fixed.
  • #151972 - An issue with particular recurrence event while changing time zone as Eastern time has been fixed.


  • #259186 The issue with the Vertical Slider tooltip content that rotate 225 degrees has been resolved.


  • Wrap text: Provides the option to display the large content as multiple lines in a single cell.
  • Data validation: Provides the option to validate edited values based on data validation rules defined for a cell or range of cells.
  • Find and Replace: Provides the option to find the data and replace it across all the sheets in Spreadsheet.
  • Protect sheet: Provides the option to restrict the user actions like cell editing, row and column insertion, deletion, and resizing.
  • Borders: Provides the option to customize cell gridlines such as color and its style for enhanced UI.
  • Show/Hide: Provides the option to show/hide the rows, columns and sheets.
  • Insert/delete: Provides the option to insert/delete the rows, columns and sheets.


  • #266275 - An issue with tab navigation is not working after removed the first tab has been fixed.


  • #262998 - The issue with Tooltip element not removed properly from DOM in certain cases has been resolved.


  • #262583- Dragging a row works fine, when Tree Grid is in Edit state.
  • Provides support to copy the selected rows or cells data into clipboard.
  • Provides support to load large amount of data on-demand in Virtual Scrolling.
  • Provides batch editing support for bulk add, edit and delete operations.


  • #253508 - Now, the actionFailure event triggers when failure occurs while performing the CRUD operations in TreeView remote data.
  • #227878 - Provided an option to disable the TreeView component.
  • #255907, #F146305 - Provided an option to enable the entire TreeView node as navigable.
Breaking Changes
  • Using the remote data and performing CRUD operation in TreeView requires the controller part to handle the CRUD operation at server-side. But, it doesn’t require controller part while using the offline remote data.
  • #227540 - Reverted the support for rendering TreeView data in single server request while disabling the loadOnDemand. But, this support can be achieved by specifying the offline as true in remote data.