Essential Studio for EJ2 TypeScript Release Notes

August 28, 2019


Breaking Changes

  • The expanded event type changed from ExpandEventArgs to ExpandedEventArgs.


Bug Fixes

#243156 - Drag complete returns value in string issue has been fixed.
#245710 - Lograthmic is not working properly for smaller value issue has been fixed.
#243156 - Selection is not proper at the edge issue has been fixed.
#245710 - Y-Axis of Spline chart not adjusting scale to suit dataSource issue has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #243637 - Opacity value is not working Edge browser.


Bug Fixes

  • #226615- Script error thrown in UrlAdaptor when saveChanges method is called without Query is resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • Double quotes will be preserved proper on exporting grid data to CSV


Bug Fixes

  • #244231 - On key pressing of column chooser Search bar, empty Grid renders if all columns are unchecked, issue has been fixed.
  • #146166 - CheckBox column disappears after hiding other columns through columnChooser issue has been fixed.
  • #146777 - While locking the column dynamically, the Locked column is not moving to the first column position issue has been fixed.
  • #245747 - Validation message position is wrong for rows added in the bottom issue has been fixed.
  • #242519,#244186 - Misalignment issue in Frozen Column while editing Grid with edit template.
  • #243593 - Script error thrown when perform row drag and drop with expand child.
  • #242503 - On Saving the cell Footer Content scrollLeft is set to zero issue has been fixed.
  • #146553 - Command column was not working when dynamically added in columnModel is resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • The display format specified for the sub components in In-place Editor, will now be considered when initial value is provided.


Bug Fixes

  • #242949 - Resolved the cursor flickering issue on IE11 browser while focus the input by tab and mouse simultaneously.


Bug Fixes

  • Iterative constructor call issue has been resolved.
  • Preservation issue in headers and footers with section is fixed.
  • Super constructor may only be called once exception has been resolved.
  • Preservation issue in page orientation is fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #244499 - The shape and measurement annotations will now be rendered properly in the rotated documents.
  • #244481 - The script errors will no longer be thrown in PDF Viewer in IE browser.


  • #243205, #245009 - Provided the support to include Custom stamps in stamp dropdown.
  • #243133 - Provided the support to customize tooltip of the hyperlink on mouse hover.
  • #245007 - Provided the Feet unit support in measurement annotation.


Bug Fixes

  • #241183 - Issue with “show the expand and collapse arrow on hovering middle of split bar” has been resolved.
  • #242579 - Resolved the issue with “Split-bar rendering while change orientation dynamically”
  • #243003 - Resolved the issue with enabling expand and collapse arrow based on collapsible property.
  • #243007 - The issue “Collapsing and expanding splitter control does not return to original state” has been resolved.
  • #244847 - The issue “Split panes are not resized properly on window resizing” has been resolved.


The Spreadsheet is an user interactive component to organize and analyze data in tabular format with configuration options for customization.

  • Data sources: Binds the spreadsheet component with an array of JavaScript objects or DataManager.
  • Virtualization: Provides option to load large amount of data without performance degradation.
  • Selection: Provides option to select a cell or range of cells.
  • Editing: Provides options to dynamically edit a cell.
  • Formulas: Provides built-in calculation library with predefined formulas and named range support.
  • Clipboard: Provides option to perform the clipboard operations.
  • Cell formatting: Provides option to customize the appearance of cells.
  • Number formatting: Provides option to format the cell value.
  • Open: Provides option to open an Excel file in spreadsheet.
  • Save: Provides option to save spreadsheet data as excel file.
  • RTL: Provides right-to-left mode which aligns content in the spreadsheet component from right to left.
  • Localization: Provides inherent support to localize the UI.
  • Accessibility: Provides with built-in accessibility support which helps to access all the spreadsheet component features using the keyboard, screen readers, or other assistive technology devices.


Bug Fixes

  • #242279 - The DOM selector processing has been prevented in the title property. The Toast component now accepts only string and HTML string in the title property.



  • enableItems public method will now support number type.


Bug Fixes

  • Change detection for properties dataSource and query were handled for remote data.
  • Edited records can be searched/filtered.
  • Inner level records will be collapsed/expanded after filtering/searching actions.


  • Checkbox selection support has been provided that allows users to select rows using checkbox.
  • Checkbox Column support has been provided that allows users to check rows using checkbox in treegrid column.