Essential Studio for EJ2 TypeScript Release Notes

July 5, 2018


Bug Fixes

  • Invoking success, fail and always handlers through execute Query method is resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • Batch confirmation dialog is not shown when we use Excel/Checkbox filter in Grid is resolved.
  • Excel text filter icon does not update with localization is resolved.
  • Provide cellSaved event support for getting the edited data while using batch Editing.
  • column size in IE when grouping is not changing like in chrome is resolved.
  • Bottom rows do not get selected with Virtualization and Grouping is resolved.
  • Script error thrown while refreshing grid in edit state is resolved.
  • Complex data with custom excel filter throws script error is resolved.
  • Invalid filtered data in datetime column issue resolved.
  • Empty Grid showed while editing request failed issue resolved.
  • Prevented the script errors while destroying grid.
  • Script error while rendering the grid inside a dialog issue resolved.
  • Complex data with first row null value issue resolved.
  • Success and fail handler triggering issue resolved.
  • Additional parameter not available in menu filter issue resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • Provided support for selected all event.
  • Value is not selected when ending with space.