Essential Studio for EJ2 TypeScript Release Notes

January 10, 2018


Bug Fixes

  • data-value not updated properly for array of string or number inputs bug fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • Filter menu clear action throws script error with column menu.
  • Add row misaligns with header when grid has hidden columns.
  • Support for rowSelected event for template column.
  • Date filtering request pass as string when reloading.
  • Script error on add record by hidden column.
  • Row deselect event not fires in check box selection.
  • Sorting and grouping failed on complex data.
  • Last and next page options are enabled when data source is empty.
  • Default cursor not displayed after invoke grid refresh method.


Bug Fixes

  • Value not maintained properly in the MaskedTextBox two-way binding


Bug Fixes

  • Custom value dose not allow while component render with empty data source, this issue has been fixed.

Breaking Changes

  • Changed the default value of hideSelectedItems property as true.