Accessibility in EJ2 TypeScript Maskedtextbox control

8 May 20231 minute to read

The MaskedTextBox is characterized with complete ARIA Accessibility support that helps to access through the on-screen readers and other assistive technology devices. This component is designed with the reference of the guidelines document given in WAI ARAI Accessibility practices.

The MaskedTextBox uses the textbox role and following ARIA properties for its element based on its state.

Property Functionality
aria-live The aria-live attribute indicates the priority of updates to a live region.
aria-disabled The aria-disabled property indicates the disabled state of the MaskedTextBox.
aria-valuenow The aria-valuenow property specifies the current value of the MaskedTextBox.
aria-invalid The aria-invalid property indicates that the user input is incorrect or not within the acceptable ranges.
aria-placeholder The aria-placeholder is a short hint to help the users with data entry when the MaskedTextBox has no value.
aria-labelledby The aria-labelledby property indicates the floating label element of the MaskedTextBox.