Search on filtering in EJ2 TypeScript Drop down list control

2 May 20233 minutes to read

The following example demonstrates about how to set limit the search result on filtering.

import { DropDownList, FilteringEventArgs } from '@syncfusion/ej2-dropdowns';
import { Query, DataManager, ODataV4Adaptor } from '@syncfusion/ej2-data';

let searchData: DataManager = new DataManager({
    url: '',
    adaptor: new ODataV4Adaptor,
    crossDomain: true

let filter: DropDownList = new DropDownList({
    // set the remote data to dataSource property
    dataSource: searchData,
    // bind the Query instance to query property
    query: new Query().select(['ContactName', 'CustomerID']).take(7),
    // map the appropriate column
    fields: { text: 'ContactName', value: 'CustomerID' },
    // set placeholder to DropDownList input element
    placeholder:"Select a name",
    // sort the resulted items
    sortOrder: 'Ascending',
    // set true to allowFiltering for enable filtering supports
    allowFiltering: true,
    // bind the filtering event handler
    filtering: (e: FilteringEventArgs) => {
        // set limit as 4 to search result
        let query: Query = new Query().select(['ContactName', 'CustomerID']).take(4);
        query = (e.text !== '') ? query.where('ContactName', 'startswith', e.text, true) : query;
        e.updateData(searchData, query);
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