How to deploy word processor server docker container in azure app service in EJ2 TypeScript Document editor control

10 May 20231 minute to read


az login

Step 1: Create a resource group.

Create a resource group using the az group create command.

The following example creates a resource group named documenteditorresourcegroup in the eastus location.

az group create --name documenteditorresourcegroup --location "East US"

Step 2: Create an Azure App Service plan.

Create an App Service plan in the resource group with the az appservice plan create command.

The following example creates an App Service plan named documenteditorappservice in the Standard pricing tier (–sku S1) and in a Linux container (–is-linux).

az appservice plan create --name documenteditorappservice --resource-group documenteditorresourcegroup --sku S1 --is-linux

Step 3: Create a Docker Compose app.

Create a multi-container web app in the documenteditorappservice App Service plan with the az webapp create command. The following command creates the web app using the provided Docker compose file. Please look into the section for getting started with Docker compose to create the Docker compose file for the Document Editor server and use the created Docker compose file here.

az webapp create --resource-group documenteditorresourcegroup --plan documenteditorappservice --name documenteditor-server --multicontainer-config-type compose --multicontainer-config-file documenteditor-server-compose.yml

Step 4: Browse to the app.

Browse to the deployed app at http://<app_name>, i.e. Browse this link and navigate to the Document Editor Web API control It returns the default get method response.

Append the app service running the URL to the service URL in the client-side Document Editor control. For more information about the Document Editor control, refer to this getting started page.

For more information about the app container service, please look deeper into the Microsoft Azure Container Service for a production-ready setup.