How to deploy documenteditor java web api in azure in EJ2 TypeScript Document editor control

8 Jan 20241 minute to read


Have Azure account and Azure CLI setup in your environment.

You can get the example web service project from GitHub and then perform the following steps to create the packages and host in azure app service.

Step 1: Clean the package using following command.

mvn clean package

Step 2: Run the application locally using following command.

mvn spring-boot:run

Step 3: Build the package using following command.

mvn package

Above package generation command creates the **tomcat-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war** in the below location in the sample folder.


Step 4: Create a Azure app service with Java & Tomcat. For example, create the app services name as documenteditorjava.

Step 5: After creating app service, navigate to Advanced Tools options under Development Tools.

Advanced tools

Then, click Go and select the CMD options under Debug console.

Debug console

Step 6: Once the file manager is opened, please navigate to

site -> wwwroot -> webapps

Step 7: Now, upload the generated war file tomcat-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war. Uploaded war file gets extracted automatically, it will uploaded like below:

Uploaded war

Step 8: Browse to the app.

Browse to the deployed app at http://<app_name>, i.e. Browse this link and it navigate to the Document Editor Web API control It returns the default get method response.

Append the app service running the URL to the service URL in the client-side Document Editor control. For more information about the Document Editor control, refer to this getting started page.