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Overview API in JavaScript TreeView API control

Name Description
ActionSettings Configures animation settings for the TreeView component.
FieldsSettings Configures the fields to bind to the properties of node in the TreeView component.
NodeAnimationSettings Configures the animation settings for expanding and collapsing nodes in TreeView.
TreeView The TreeView component is used to represent hierarchical data in a tree like structure with advanced
functions to perform edit, drag and drop, selection with check-box, and more.
DataBoundEventArgs Interface for DataBound event arguments.
DataSourceChangedEventArgs Interface for DataSourceChanged event arguments.
DragAndDropEventArgs Interface for DragAndDrop event arguments.
DrawNodeEventArgs Interface for DrawNode event arguments.
FailureEventArgs Interface for Failure event arguments
NodeCheckEventArgs Interface for NodeCheck event arguments.
NodeClickEventArgs Interface for NodeClick event arguments.
NodeData Interface that holds the node details.
NodeEditEventArgs Interface for NodeEdit event arguments.
NodeExpandEventArgs Interface for NodeExpand event arguments.
NodeKeyPressEventArgs Interface for NodeKeyPress event arguments.
NodeSelectEventArgs Interface for NodeSelect event arguments.
ExpandOnSettings Defines the expand type of the TreeView node.
SortOrder Defines the sorting order type for TreeView.