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Overview API in JavaScript TreeGrid API control

Name Description
Edit TreeGrid Edit Module
The Edit module is used to handle editing actions.
TreeGrid Represents the TreeGrid component.
Column Represents TreeGrid Column model class.
StackedColumn Defines stacked tree grid column
TreeGridColumn Defines TreeGrid column
EditSettings Configures the edit behavior of the TreeGrid.
FilterSettings Configures the filtering behavior of the TreeGrid.
Predicate Represents the Tree Grid predicate for the filter column.
InfiniteScrollSettings Configures the infinite scroll behavior of Tree Grid.
LoadingIndicator Configures the Loading Indicator of the Tree Grid.
PageSettings Configures the paging behavior of the TreeGrid.
RowDropSettings Configures the row drop settings of the TreeGrid.
SearchSettings Configures the filtering behavior of the TreeGrid.
SelectionSettings Configures the selection behavior of the TreeGrid.
SortDescriptor Represents the field name and direction of sort column.
SortSettings Configures the sorting behavior of TreeGrid.
AggregateColumn Configures the TreeGrid’s aggregate column.
TextWrapSettings Configures the textwrap behavior of the TreeGrid.
TreeGridExcelExportProperties Specifies the Tree Grid ExcelExport properties
TreeGridPdfExportProperties Specifies the Tree Grid PdfExport properties
Static Functions Root static functions of Treegrid Component
CopyHierarchyType Defines types of CopyHierarchyMode. They are
EditMode Defines modes of editing.
FilterHierarchyMode Defines modes of Filter Hierarchy
FilterType Defines types of Filter
PageSizeMode Defines different PageSizeMode
RowPosition Defines the position where the new row has to be added.
WrapMode Defines the wrap mode.