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Static Functions API in JavaScript Stock Chart API control

Root static functions of StockChart Component


Create scrollbar svg.

Returns void


Animate the rect element.

Returns void


Method to append child element.

Parameter Type Description
isCanvas boolean canvas mode value
parent Element | HTMLElement parent element
childElement Element | HTMLElement childElement element
redraw (optional) boolean chart redraw value
isAnimate boolean animation value
x string x position
y string y position
start (optional) ChartLocation start location value
direction (optional) string direction of the element
forceAnimate boolean forceAnimate
isRect boolean isRect
previousRect Rect previousRect
animateDuration (optional) number duration of the animation

Returns void


To append the clip rect element.

Parameter Type Description
redraw boolean chart redraw value
options BaseAttibutes element options
renderer SvgRenderer svg renderer values
clipPath string clipPath of the element

Returns Element


Method to reset the blazor templates.

Returns void


Method to calculate the width and height of the chart.

Returns void


To create svg element.

Parameter Type Description
chart Chart | AccumulationChart | RangeNavigator chart instance

Returns void


To calculate chart title and height.

Returns string[]


Method to support the subscript and superscript value to text.

Returns string


Helper function to determine whether there is an intersection between the two polygons described by the lists of vertices. Uses the Separating Axis Theorem

Parameter Type Description
a ChartLocation[] an array of connected points [{x:, y:}, {x:, y:},…] that form a closed polygon
b ChartLocation[] an array of connected points [{x:, y:}, {x:, y:},…] that form a closed polygon

Returns boolean


To check whether the axis is zoomed or not.

Parameter Type Description
axis Axis axis model

Returns boolean


Animation after legend click a path.

Parameter Type Description
element Element element to be animated
direction string current direction of the path
redraw boolean chart redraw
previousDirection (optional) string previous direction of the path
animateDuration (optional) number animateDuration of the path

Returns void


Function to sort the dataSource, by default it sort the data in ascending order.

Parameter Type Description
data Object[] chart data
fields string[] date fields
isDescending (optional) boolean boolean values of descending

Returns Object[]


Method to find new text and element size based on textOverflow.

Returns string[]


Method to find new text and element size based on textWrap.

Returns string[]


Method to calculate x position of title.

Returns number