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Overview API in JavaScript Sparkline API control

Name Description
AxisSettings To configure the sparkline axis.
ContainerArea To configure the sparkline container area customization
LabelOffset To configure the datalabel offset
LineSettings To configure axis line settings
Padding To configure the sparkline padding.
RangeBandSettings To configure the sparkline rangeband.
SparklineBorder Configures the borders in the Sparkline.
SparklineDataLabelSettings To configure the sparkline dataLabel options.
SparklineFont Configures the fonts in sparklines.
SparklineMarkerSettings To configure the sparkline marker options.
SparklineTooltipSettings To configure the tooltip settings for sparkline.
TrackLineSettings To configure the tracker line settings.
SparklineRenderer Sparkline rendering calculation file
SparklineTooltip Sparkline Tooltip Module
Sparkline Represents the Sparkline control.
Size sparkline internal use of Size type
IAxisRenderingEventArgs Specifies the axis rendering Event arguments.
IDataLabelRenderingEventArgs Specifies the sparkline datalabel rendering Event arguments.
IMarkerRenderingEventArgs Specifies the sparkline marker rendering Event arguments.
IPointRegionEventArgs Specifies the sparkline mouse point region Event arguments.
ISeriesRenderingEventArgs Specifies the sparkline series rendering Event arguments.
ISparklineLoadEventArgs Specifies the Load Event arguments.
ISparklineLoadedEventArgs Specifies the Loaded Event arguments.
ISparklineMouseEventArgs Specifies the sparkline mouse related Event arguments.
ISparklinePointEventArgs Specifies the sparkline point related Event arguments.
ISparklineResizeEventArgs Sparkline Resize event arguments.
IThemes Specifies the interface for themes.
ITooltipRenderingEventArgs Sparkline tooltip event args.
Static Functions Root static functions of Sparkline Component
EdgeLabelMode Defines edge data label placement for datalabel, if exceeds the sparkline area horizontally.
* None - Edge data label shown as clipped text.
* Shift - Edge data label moved inside the sparkline area.
* Hide - Edge data label will hide, if exceeds the sparkline area.
SparklineRangePadding Defines the range padding of series
None, Normal, Additional, Additional
SparklineTheme Defines Theme of the sparkline. They are
* Material - Render a sparkline with Material theme.
* Fabric - Render a sparkline with Fabric theme
* Bootstrap - Render a sparkline with Bootstrap theme
* HighContrast - Render a sparkline with HighContrast theme
* Dark - Render a sparkline with Dark theme
SparklineType Specifies the sparkline types.
Line, Column, WinLoss, Pie and Area.
SparklineValueType Specifies the sparkline data value types.
Numeric, Category and DateTime.
VisibleType Specifies the sparkline marker