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Name Description
ColorRangeData It illustrates the color track data in slider.
LimitData It illustrates the limit data in slider.
Slider The Slider component allows the user to select a value or range
of values in-between a min and max range, by dragging the handle over the slider bar.
TicksData Configures the ticks data of the Slider.
TooltipData It illustrates the tooltip data in slider.
SliderChangeEventArgs It is used to denote the Slider Change/Changed Event arguments.
SliderTickEventArgs It is used to denote the TicksRender Event arguments.
SliderTickRenderedEventArgs It is used t denote the ticks rendered Event arguments.
SliderTooltipEventArgs It is used to denote the TooltipChange Event arguments.
Placement Ticks Placement.
SliderOrientation Slider orientation.
SliderType Slider type.
TooltipPlacement Tooltip Placement.
TooltipShowOn Tooltip ShowOn.