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Name Description
Schedule Represents the Schedule component that displays a list of events scheduled against specific date and timings,
thus helping us to plan and manage it properly.
EventSettings Holds the configuration of event related options and dataSource binding to Schedule.
FieldOptions Configuration that applies on each appointment field options of scheduler.
Field A Class that holds the collection of event fields that requires to be mapped with the dataSource
fields along with its available configuration settings. Each field in it accepts both string and Object
data type. When each of the field is assigned with simple string value, it is assumed that the dataSource field
name is mapped with it. If the object type is defined on each fields, then the validation related settings and mapping of
those fields with dataSource can be given altogether within it.
Group A class that holds the resource grouping related configurations on Schedule.
HeaderRows A class that represents the header rows related configurations on timeline views.
QuickInfoTemplates A class that defines the template options available to customize the quick popup of scheduler.
Resources A class that represents the resource related configurations and its data binding options.
TimeScale A class that represents the configuration of options related to timescale on scheduler.
Views A class that represents the configuration of view-specific settings on scheduler.
WorkHours A class that represents the configuration of working hours related options of scheduler.
ActionEventArgs Interface
NavigateOptions An interface that holds options to control the navigation, while performing drag action on appointments.
ScrollOptions An interface that holds options to control the scrolling action while performing drag and resizing action on appointments.
View An enum type that denotes the view mode of the schedule. Available options are as follows
* Day
* Week
* WorkWeek
* Month
* Agenda
* MonthAgenda
* TimelineDay
* TimelineWeek
* TimelineWorkWeek
* TimelineMonth
* TimelineYear