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Overview API in JavaScript QueryBuilder API control

Name Description
Columns Defines the Columns of Query Builder
Rule Defines the rule of Query Builder
ShowButtons Defines the ruleDelete, groupInsert, and groupDelete options of Query Builder.
Value Defines the property for value.
ActionEventArgs Interface for action begin and action complete event args
ChangeEventArgs Interface for change event.
RuleChangeEventArgs Interface for rule change event arguments.
TemplateColumn Creates the custom component of Query Builder
Validation Defines the validation of Query Builder.
DisplayMode Specifies the displayMode as Horizontal or Vertical.
Horizontal: To Display the Horizontal UI.
Vertical: To Display the Vertical UI.
FieldMode Specifies the fieldMode as DropDownList or DropDownTree.
Default: To Specifies the fieldMode as DropDownList.
DropdownTree: To Specifies the fieldMode as DropdownTree.
SortDirection Specifies the sort direction of the field names. They are
Default: Show the field names in default .
Ascending: Show the field names in Ascending.
Descending: Show the field names in Descending