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Overview API in JavaScript Progressbar API control

Name Description
AnnotationBase Base file for annotation
ProgressAnnotation Class for progress annotation.
Animation Animation
Font Configures the fonts in progressbar
Margin progress bar complex interface
ProgressAnnotationSettings Annotation
RangeColor RangeColor
ProgressBar progress bar control.
Circular Progressbar of type circular
Linear Progress Bar of type Linear
Segment Progressbar Segment
ProgressAnimation Animation for progress bar
ILoadedEventArgs loadedEvent for progress bar
IProgressResizeEventArgs Resize
ITextRenderEventArgs loadedEvent for progress bar
LinearGradient Interface for LinearGradient attributes
Static Functions Root static functions of Progressbar Component
CornerType Corner type
ModeType Linear modes
ProgressTheme theme
ProgressType progress bar type
TextAlignmentType Text alignment