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Name Description
Bubble Bubble module class
ColorMapping ColorMapping class
DataLabel DataLabel Module used to render the maps datalabel
Legend Legend module is used to render legend for the maps
Marker Marker class
NavigationLine navigation-selected-line
Maps Represents the Maps control.
Annotation Options for customizing the annotation.
Border Configures the borders in the maps.
BubbleSettings Bubble settings model class
CenterPosition Configures the center position in the maps.
ColorMappingSettings To configure ColorMapping in Maps
CommonTitleSettings To configure title of the maps.
DataLabelSettings Customization for Data label settings.
Font Configures the fonts in maps.
HighlightSettings To configure the highlight settings
LayerSettings To configure the layers of the maps.
LegendSettings Configures the legend settings.
MapsAreaSettings Maps area configuration
Margin Configures the maps margins.
MarkerBase To configure the marker settings for the maps.
NavigationLineSettings NavigationSelectedLine
SelectionSettings To configure the selection settings
ShapeSettings To configure the shapeSettings in the maps.
SubTitleSettings To configure subtitle of the maps.
TitleSettings To configure title of the maps.
TooltipSettings To configure the tooltip settings of the maps.
ZoomSettings Options to configure maps Zooming Settings.
Annotations Represent the annotation rendering for map
Highlight Highlight module class
Selection Selection module class
MapsTooltip Map Tooltip
Zoom Zoom module used to process the zoom for maps
ExportUtils Annotation Module handles the Annotation for Maps
MapAjax To get shape data file using Ajax.
MapLocation Internal use of map location type
Point Map internal class for point
Size Maps internal use of Size type
IAnimationCompleteEventArgs Specifies animationComplete event arguments for maps.
IAnnotationRenderingEventArgs Specifies annotationRendering event arguments for maps.
IBubbleClickEventArgs Specifies bubbleClick event arguments for maps.
IBubbleMoveEventArgs Specifies bubbleMove event arguments for maps.
IBubbleRenderingEventArgs Specifies bubbleRendering event arguments for maps.
IDataLabelArgs Specifies the data label Event arguments.
ILabelRenderingEventArgs Specifies labelRendering event arguments for maps.
ILayerRenderingEventArgs Specifies layerRendering event arguments for maps.
ILegendRenderingEventArgs Specifies legendRendering event arguments for maps.
ILoadEventArgs Specifies the Load Event arguments.
ILoadedEventArgs Specifies the Loaded Event arguments.
IMapPanEventArgs Specifies pan event arguments for maps.
IMapZoomEventArgs Specifies zoom event arguments for maps.
IMarkerClickEventArgs Specifies markerClick event arguments for maps.
IMarkerMoveEventArgs Specifies markerMove event arguments for maps.
IMarkerRenderingEventArgs Specifies markerRendering event arguments for maps.
IMouseEventArgs Specifies the Chart Mouse Event arguments.
IPrintEventArgs specifies Print Events
IResizeEventArgs Maps Resize event arguments.
ISelectionEventArgs Specifies itemSelection event arguments for maps.
IShapeRenderingEventArgs Specifies shapeRendering event arguments for maps.
IShapeSelectedEventArgs Specifies shapeSelected event arguments for maps.
ITooltipRenderEventArgs Specifies TooltipRender event arguments for maps.
Static Functions Root static functions of Maps Component
Alignment Defines the Alignment. They are
* near - Align the element to the left.
* center - Align the element to the center.
* far - Align the element to the right.
AnnotationAlignment Defines the Alignment. They are
* none - Default alignment as none
* near - Align the element to the left.
* center - Align the element to the center.
* far - Align the element to the right.
ArrowPosition Defines the arrow position in navigation line. They are
* Start - Arrow is positioned at the starting position of navigation line
* End - Arrow is positioned at the ending position of navigation line
BingMapType Defines bing map types
* Aerial - specifies the Aerial type
* AerialWithLabel - specifies the AerialWithLabel type
* Road - specifies the Road type
BubbleType Defines the bubble type
ExportType Export Type
GeometryType Defines the geometry type. They are
* Geographic - Default value of geometry layer.
* Normal - Normal rendering of geometry layer.
IntersectAction Defines the label intersect action. They are
* Trim - Trims the intersected datalabel
* None - Intersection action is not applied
* Hide - Hides the intersected datalabel
LabelIntersectAction Defines the label intersect action types
LabelPosition Defines the label placement type
LegendArrangement Defines the legend arrangement
LegendMode Defines the Legend modes. They are
* Default - Specifies the Default mode.
* interactive - specifies the Interactive mode.
LegendPosition Defines the position of the legend. They are
* top - Displays the legend on the top of maps.
* left - Displays the legend on the left of maps.
* bottom - Displays the legend on the bottom of maps.
* right - Displays the legend on the right of maps.
* float - Displays the legend based on given x and y value.
LegendShape Defines the shape of legend. They are
* circle - Renders a circle.
* rectangle - Renders a rectangle.
* triangle - Renders a triangle.
* diamond - Renders a diamond.
* cross - Renders a cross.
* Star - Renders a star.
* horizontalLine - Renders a horizontalLine.
* verticalLine - Renders a verticalLine.
* pentagon - Renders a pentagon.
* invertedTriangle - Renders a invertedTriangle.
LegendType Defines the Legend types. They are
* Layers - Legend applicable to Layers.
* Bubbles - Legend applicable to Bubbles.
* Markers - Legend applicable to Markers.
MapsTheme Defines Theme of the maps. They are
* Material - Render a maps with Material theme.
* Fabric - Render a maps with Fabric theme
* Bootstrap - Render a maps with Bootstrap theme
* Dark - Render a maps with Dark theme
MarkerType Defines the marker types.
* Circle - Specifies the Circle type.
* Rectangle - Specifies the Rectangle type.
* Cross - Specifies the Cross type.
* Diamond - Specifies the Diamond type.
* Star - Specifies the Star type.
* Balloon - Specifies the Balloon type.
* Triangle - Specifies the Triangle type.
* HorizontalLine - Specifies the HorizontalLine type.
* VerticalLine - Specifies the VerticalLine type.
Orientation Defines the tool bar orientation
PanDirection Pan Direction
ProjectionType Defines the projection type of the maps.
* Mercator -Specifies the Mercator projection type.
ShapeLayerType Defines the Layer types.
* Geometry - Specifies the geometry type.
* Bing - Specifies the Bing type.
SmartLabelMode Defines the smart label mode. They are
* Trim - Trims the datalabel which exceed the region
* None - Smart label mode is not applied
* hide - Hide the datalabel which exceeds the region
Type Defines the map layer types.
* Layer - Specifies the layer type.
* SubLayer - Specifies the sublayer type.