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Overview API in JavaScript Grid API control

Name Description
Clipboard The Clipboard module is used to handle clipboard copy action.
ColumnChooser The ColumnChooser module is used to show or hide columns dynamically.
ContextMenu The ContextMenu module is used to handle context menu actions.
DetailRow The DetailRow module is used to handle detail template and hierarchy Grid operations.
Edit The Edit module is used to handle editing actions.
Filter The Filter module is used to handle filtering action.
Group The Group module is used to handle group action.
Page The Page module is used to render pager and handle paging action.
Print The Print module is used to handle print action.
Reorder The Reorder module is used for reordering columns.
Scroll The Scroll module is used to handle scrolling behaviour.
Search The Search module is used to handle search action.
Selection The Selection module is used to handle cell and row selection.
ShowHide The ShowHide module is used to control column visibility.
Sort The Sort module is used to handle sorting action.
EditSettings Configures the edit behavior of the Grid.
FilterSettings Configures the filtering behavior of the Grid.
Grid Represents the Grid component.
GroupSettings Configures the group behavior of the Grid.
InfiniteScrollSettings Configures the infinite scroll behavior of Grid.
Predicate Represents the predicate for the filter column.
ResizeSettings Configures the resize behavior of the Grid.
RowDropSettings Configures the row drop settings of the Grid.
SearchSettings Configures the search behavior of the Grid.
SelectionSettings Configures the selection behavior of the Grid.
SortDescriptor Represents the field name and direction of sort column.
SortSettings Configures the sorting behavior of Grid.
TextWrapSettings Configures the text wrap settings of the Grid.
AggregateColumn Configures the Grid’s aggregate column.
AggregateRow Configures the aggregate rows.
Column Represents Grid Column model class.
ColumnChooserSettings Configures the column chooser behavior of the Grid.
PageSettings Configures the paging behavior of the Grid.
ResponsiveDialogRenderer The ResponsiveDialogRenderer module is used to render the responsive dialogs.
CommandButtonOptions Defines options for custom command buttons.
DataStateChangeEventArgs Custom data service event types
PendingState Defines the pending state for Custom Service Data
Sorts Sorting property for Custom data Service
Action Defines Actions of the Grid. They are
* paging
* refresh
* sorting
* filtering
* selection
* rowdraganddrop
* reorder
* grouping
* ungrouping
AggregateTemplateType Defines the Aggregate Template Type
* groupCaptionTemplate
* groupFooterTemplate
* footerTemplate
AggregateType Defines the aggregate types.
BorderLineStyle Defines border line style.
CellSelectionMode Defines mode of cell selection.
* Flow
* Box
CheckboxSelectionType Defines modes of checkbox Selection. They are
* Default
* ResetOnRowClick
ClipMode Defines the cell content’s overflow mode. The available modes are
* Clip - Truncates the cell content when it overflows its area.
* Ellipsis - Displays ellipsis when the cell content overflows its area.
* EllipsisWithTooltip - Displays ellipsis when the cell content overflows its area
also it will display tooltip while hover on ellipsis applied cell.
ColumnMenuItem Defines the default items of Column menu.
ColumnQueryModeType columnQueryModeprovides options to retrive data from the datasource. They are
* All
* Schema
* ExcludeHidden
ColumnType Defines the Column Type
* String
* Number
* Boolean
* Date
* DateTime
* checkBox
CommandButtonType Defines the Command Buttons type.
* Edit - Edit the current record.
* Delete - Delete the current record.
* Save - Save the current edited record.
* Cancel - Cancel the edited state.
ContextMenuItem Defines the default items of context menu.
EditMode Defines modes of editing.
* Normal
* Dialog
* Batch
EditType Defines the Edit Type of the column
* DefaultEdit
* DropdownEdit
* BooleanEdit
* DatepickerEdit
* DatetimepickerEdit
* NumericEdit
ExcelHAlign Defines Excel horizontal alignment.
ExcelVAlign Defines Excel vertical alignment.
ExportType Defines Export Type.
FilterBarMode Filter bar mode options are
* OnEnter - Initiate filter operation after Enter key is pressed.
* Immediate - Initiate filter operation after certain time interval. By default time interval is 1500 ms.
FilterType Defines types of Filter
* Menu - Specifies the filter type as menu.
* Excel - Specifies the filter type as excel.
* FilterBar - Specifies the filter type as filter bar.
* CheckBox - Specifies the filter type as check box.
GridLine Defines modes of GridLine, They are
* Both - Displays both the horizontal and vertical grid lines.
* None - No grid lines are displayed.
* Horizontal - Displays the horizontal grid lines only.
* Vertical - Displays the vertical grid lines only.
* Default - Displays grid lines based on the theme.
HierarchyGridPrintMode Hierarchy Grid Print modes are
* Expanded - Prints the master grid with expanded child grids.
* All - Prints the master grid with all the child grids.
* None - Prints the master grid alone.
MultipleExportType Defines Multiple Export Type.
NewRowPosition Defines adding new row position.
* Top
* Bottom
PdfHAlign Defines PDF horizontal alignment.
PdfVAlign Defines PDF vertical alignment.
PrintMode Print mode options are
* AllPages - Print all pages records of the Grid.
* CurrentPage - Print current page records of the Grid.
ResizeMode Defines mode of resizing.
* Normal
* Auto
RowRenderingDirection Defines mode of row rendering.
* Horizontal
* Vertical
SelectionMode Defines modes of Selection, They are
* Row
* Cell
* Both
SelectionType Defines types of Selection. They are
* Single - Allows user to select a row or cell.
* Multiple - Allows user to select multiple rows or cells.
SortDirection Defines directions of Sorting. They are
* Ascending
* Descending
TextAlign Defines alignments of text, they are
* Left
* Right
* Center
* Justify
WrapMode Defines the wrap mode.
* Both - Wraps both header and content.
* Header - Wraps header alone.
* Content - Wraps content alone.
freezeDirection Defines freeze direction of the grid columns
* Left
* Right
freezeMode Defines name of the Grid frozen mode
* Left
* Right
* Left-Right
ValueType Exports types used by Grid.