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Overview API in JavaScript FileManager API control

Name Description
FileManager The FileManager component allows users to access and manage the file system through the web browser. It can performs the
functionalities like add, rename, search, sort, upload and delete files or folders. And also it
provides an easy way of dynamic injectable modules like toolbar, navigationpane, detailsview, largeiconsview.
AjaxSettings Specifies the Ajax settings of the File Manager.
Column Interface for a class Column
ContextMenuSettings Specifies the ContextMenu settings of the File Manager.
DetailsViewSettings Specifies the grid settings of the File Manager.
NavigationPaneSettings Specifies the navigationpane settings of the File Manager.
SearchSettings Specifies the Search settings of the File Manager.
ToolbarSettings Specifies the Toolbar settings of the FileManager.
UploadSettings Specifies the Ajax settings of the File Manager.
BeforeDownloadEventArgs Interface for BeforeDownload event arguments.
BeforeImageLoadEventArgs Interface for BeforeImageLoad event arguments.
BeforePopupOpenCloseEventArgs Interface for BeforePopupOpenClose event arguments.
BeforeSendEventArgs Interface for BeforeSend event arguments.
FailureEventArgs Interface for Failure event arguments.
FileDragEventArgs Interface for Drag Event arguments
FileInfo Interface for File information.
FileLoadEventArgs Interface for FileLoad event arguments.
FileOpenEventArgs Interface for FileOpen event arguments.
FileSelectEventArgs Interface for FileSelect event arguments.
FileSelectionEventArgs Interface for FileSelection event arguments.
MenuClickEventArgs Interface for MenuClick event arguments.
MenuOpenEventArgs Interface for MenuOpen event arguments.
PopupOpenCloseEventArgs Interface for PopupOpenClose event arguments.
SuccessEventArgs Interface for Success event arguments.
ToolbarClickEventArgs Interface for ToolbarClick event arguments.
ToolbarCreateEventArgs Interface for ToolbarCreate event arguments.
UploadListCreateArgs Interface for UploadListCreate event arguments.
ValidationMessages Interface for Validation messages.
SortOrder Defines the files sorting order in FileManager.
ToolBarItems Defines the Toolbar items of the FileManager.
ViewType Defines the view type of the FileManager.
ClipMode Defines the cell content’s overflow mode. The available modes are
* Clip - Truncates the cell content when it overflows its area.
* Ellipsis - Displays ellipsis when the cell content overflows its area.
* EllipsisWithTooltip - Displays ellipsis when the cell content overflows its area
also it will display tooltip while hover on ellipsis applied cell.
TextAlign Defines alignments of text, they are
* Left
* Right
* Center
* Justify
FilterType Specifies the filter type for Search settings of the File Manager.