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Overview API in JavaScript Appbar API control

Name Description
AppBar The AppBar displays the information and actions related to the current application screen. It is used to show branding, screen titles, navigation, and actions.
Support to inherit colors from AppBar provided to Button, DropDownButton, Menu and TextBox.
Set CssClass property with e-inherit CSS class to inherit the background and color from AppBar.
AppBarColor Specifies the color of the AppBar component.
* Light - Specifies the AppBar in light color.
* Dark - Specifies the AppBar in dark color.
* Primary - Specifies the AppBar in a primary color.
* Inherit - Inherit color from parent for AppBar. AppBar background and colors are inherited from its parent element.
AppBarMode Specifies the height mode of the AppBar component which defines the height of the AppBar.
* Regular - Specifies default height for the AppBar.
* Prominent - Specifies longer height for the AppBar to show the longer titles and images, or to provide a stronger presence.
* Dense - Specifies compressed (short) height for the AppBar to accommodate all the app bar content in a denser layout.
AppBarPosition Specifies the position of the AppBar.
* Top - Position the AppBar at the top.
* Bottom - Position the AppBar at the bottom.