Api accumulationChart in EJ2 TypeScript Accumulation chart control

8 May 20234 minutes to read

Represents the AccumulationChart control.

<div id="accumulation"/>
  var accObj = new AccumulationChart({ });


accumulationDataLabelModule AccumulationDataLabel

accumulationDataLabelModule is used to manipulate and add dataLabel in accumulation chart.

accumulationLegendModule AccumulationLegend

accumulationLegendModule is used to manipulate and add legend in accumulation chart.

accumulationSelectionModule AccumulationSelection

accumulationSelectionModule is used to manipulate and add selection in accumulation chart.

accumulationTooltipModule AccumulationTooltip

accumulationTooltipModule is used to manipulate and add tooltip in accumulation chart.

annotationModule AccumulationAnnotation

annotationModule is used to manipulate and add annotation in chart.

annotations AccumulationAnnotationSettingsModel[]

The configuration for annotation in chart.

background string

The background color of the chart, which accepts value in hex, rgba as a valid CSS color string.

Defaults to null

border BorderModel

Options for customizing the color and width of the chart border.

dataSource Object | DataManager

Specifies the dataSource for the AccumulationChart. It can be an array of JSON objects or an instance of DataManager.

<div id='Pie'></div>
let dataManager: DataManager = new DataManager({
        url: 'http://mvc.syncfusion.com/Services/Northwnd.svc/Tasks/'
let query: Query = new Query().take(50).where('Estimate', 'greaterThan', 0, false);
let pie: AccumulationChart = new AccumulationChart({
    dataSource: dataManager,
    series: [{
       xName: 'Id',
       yName: 'Estimate',
       query: query

Defaults to ’’

enablePersistence boolean

Enable or disable persisting component’s state between page reloads.

Defaults to false

enableRtl boolean

Enable or disable rendering component in right to left direction.

Defaults to false

enableSmartLabels boolean

If set true, labels for the point will be placed smartly without overlapping.

Defaults to true

height string

The height of the chart as a string in order to provide input as both like ‘100px’ or ‘100%’.
If specified as ‘100%, chart will render to the full height of its parent element.

Defaults to null

isMultiSelect boolean

If set true, enables the multi selection in accumulation chart. It requires selectionMode to be Point.

Defaults to false

legendSettings LegendSettingsModel

Options for customizing the legend of accumulation chart.

locale string

Overrides the global culture and localization value for this component. Default global culture is ‘en-US’.

Defaults to undefined

margin MarginModel

Options to customize the left, right, top and bottom margins of accumulation chart.

selectedDataIndexes IndexesModel[]

Specifies the point indexes to be selected while loading a accumulation chart.
It requires selectionMode to be Point.

<div id='Pie'></div>
let pie: AccumulationChart = new AccumulationChart({
  selectionMode: 'Point',
  selectedDataIndexes: [ { series: 0, point: 1},
                         { series: 2, point: 3} ],

Defaults to []

selectionMode string

Specifies whether point has to get selected or not. Takes value either ‘None ‘or ‘Point’

Defaults to None

series AccumulationSeriesModel[]

The configuration for series in accumulation chart.

theme string

Specifies the theme for accumulation chart.

Defaults to ‘Material’

title string

Title for accumulation chart

Defaults to null

titleStyle FontModel

Options for customizing the title of accumulation chart.

tooltip TooltipSettingsModel

Options for customizing the tooltip of accumulation chart.

width string

The width of the chart as a string in order to provide input as both like ‘100px’ or ‘100%’.
If specified as ‘100%, chart will render to the full width of its parent element.

Defaults to null



Adds the handler to the given event listener.

Returns void


Appends the control within the given HTML element

Parameter Type Description
selector (optional) string | HTMLElement Target element where control needs to be appended

Returns void


When invoked, applies the pending property changes immediately to the component.

Returns void


Handles the export method for accumulation control.

Returns void


To get Module name

Returns string


Handles the print method for accumulation chart control.

Returns void


Applies all the pending property changes and render the component again.

Returns void


Removes the handler from the given event listener.

Returns void


Method to set the annotation content dynamically for accumulation.

Returns void


Dynamically injects the required modules to the component.

Returns void


animationComplete EmitType<IAccAnimationCompleteEventArgs>

Triggers after animation gets completed for series.

annotationRender EmitType<IAnnotationRenderEventArgs>

Triggers before the annotation gets rendered.

beforePrint EmitType<IPrintEventArgs>

Triggers before the prints gets started.

chartMouseClick EmitType<IMouseEventArgs>

Triggers on clicking the accumulation chart.

chartMouseDown EmitType<IMouseEventArgs>

Triggers on mouse down.

chartMouseLeave EmitType<IMouseEventArgs>

Triggers while cursor leaves the accumulation chart.

chartMouseMove EmitType<IMouseEventArgs>

Triggers on hovering the accumulation chart.

chartMouseUp EmitType<IMouseEventArgs>

Triggers on mouse up.

legendRender EmitType<ILegendRenderEventArgs>

Triggers before the legend gets rendered.

load EmitType<IAccLoadedEventArgs>

Triggers before accumulation chart load.

loaded EmitType<IAccLoadedEventArgs>

Triggers after accumulation chart loaded.

pointClick EmitType<IPointEventArgs>

Triggers on point click.

pointMove EmitType<IPointEventArgs>

Triggers on point move.

pointRender EmitType<IAccPointRenderEventArgs>

Triggers before each points for series gets rendered.

resized EmitType<IAccResizeEventArgs>

Triggers after window resize.

seriesRender EmitType<IAccSeriesRenderEventArgs>

Triggers before the series gets rendered.

textRender EmitType<IAccTextRenderEventArgs>

Triggers before the data label for series gets rendered.

tooltipRender EmitType<IAccTooltipRenderEventArgs>

Triggers before the tooltip for series gets rendered.