Example of undefined in Javascript Spreadsheet Control


This sample demonstrates the print functionality of the Spreadsheet within a car sales scenario as an example.

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Print type
Enable row and column headers
Enable gridlines

In this example, the spreadsheet's "File" menu features a "Print" option, allowing you to print the current worksheet without gridlines as well as row and column headers, which serves as the default print setting. You can also invoke the print option using the Ctrl + P keyboard shortcut. Any texts, charts, images, and formatted content incorporated into the document will be previewed and then printed. Furthermore, there are built-in customization options available. If you need to print either the current worksheet or the entire workbook, you can select the appropriate option from the "Print type" dropdown list in the property panel. To include row and column headers in the printed output, you can check the "Enable row and column headers" checkbox. Similarly, you can include gridlines in the printed output by checking the "Enable gridlines" checkbox. Upon selecting the desired options in the property panel and clicking the "Print" button, the print method of the spreadsheet is invoked, facilitating customized printing.