This sample demonstrates the default functionalities of the HTML5 Form Validator. Type the values or characters in the input element. If the input values are in correct format, then the given input will be ready to submit otherwise error message will be shown until you enter the correct input format.

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HTML5 Validation

Description The HTML5 Form Validator is used to validate the user data without relying any scripts. This is done by using validation attributes (required, pattern, email, URL, password, date, datetime, color, password, and more) on form elements. The above form is configured with the following rules and the examples of valid values for each field have been given as follows: Field Rule Example Required The field must have any value. value Email The input must have email format. URL The input must have URL format. Date The input must have JavaScript date format. 04/13/2017 Date ISO The input must have date ISO format. 2017-04-13 Number The input must have number format. It allows float values. 1 or 1.4 Digits The input must have digit format. 1 Max Length The input value must have less than 5 characters length. world Min Length The input value must have more than 5 characters length. syncfusion Range Length The input must have number value from 5 to 10 characters length. syncfusion Max The input must have number value less than or equal to 5. 4 Min The input must have number value greater than or equal to 5. 6 Regex You can use regex to validate the input. The input must be alphabets only. contact You can enter the above values in the corresponding input elements and click the submit button to validate the form. The reset button can wipe out all the input values in the form.