Example of Custom Format in Javascript Rich Text Editor Control

Custom Format

This sample demonstrates how to customize tags of markdown formatting. Type or edit the text and apply the format to view customized markdown syntax. For example, apply “+” to Unordered list.

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The sample is configured with customized markdown syntax using the __formatter__ property. Type the content and click the toolbar item to view customized markdown syntax. For an unordered list, you need to add a plus sign before the word (e.g., + list1). Or To make a phrase bold, you need to add two underscores before and after the phrase (e.g., __this text is bold__).

The Rich Text Editor allows you to customize the markdown syntax by overriding its default syntax. Configure the customized markdown syntax using the formatterproperty Injecting Module The above features built as modules have to be included in your application. For example, to use image and link, inject the specific module using RichTextEditor.Inject (Toolbar, Link, Image, MarkdownEditor). The third-party library Marked is used in this sample to convert markdown into HTML content.