Example of Image in Javascript Rich Text Editor Control


This sample demonstrates the option to insert the image to the Rich Text Editor content. Click the image button from the toolbar item to insert the image.

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Rich Text Editor allows inserting images from online sources as well as the local computers where you want to insert the image in your content.

Get started Quick Toolbar to click on the image

It is possible to add custom style on the selected image inside the Rich Text Editor through the quick toolbar.

Enable AutoUrl
Save Format

Image tools used to insert an image to the Rich Text Editor and click on the image to easily customize the image using quick toolbar. The quick toolbar has the following items Replace – can replace the image with some other image. Align – Align the image with left, right and justify. Image captions – set the captions for the image. Change size – modify width and height of image. Delete – delete the image. Link – provide the link to the image. Display - display the image as inline or with break. Alternate text – provide the alternative text for the image if the image is not present in the location. Custom Tools - "rotation" related commands are added as custom commands to the image element Resize – can resize the image dimension with resize options. Quick commands are opened as context-menu on clicking the corresponding element. The commands must be passed as string collection to image, text, and link attributes of the quickToolbarSettings property. Injecting Module: Rich Text Editor features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use image tool, we need to inject image module using the RichTextEditor.Inject(Image).