This sample demonstrates grouping of dates and number types in the row and column headers of Pivot Grid.

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Group Date by:
Group Product ID by:

In this sample, the date type can be separated and showcased individually as year, quarter, month, or day by selecting the appropriate option from the Group date by drop-down list. Also, numbers can be grouped by entering the appropriate value in the Group Product ID by giving a range number in the the numeric text box. Grouping can be applied through code-behind using the groupSettings object in the pivot grid widget along with the following properties: name : Specifies the normal field. type : Specifies the field type for applying the group settings. For example, date formatted fields should be in Date type and number formatted fields should be in Number type. groupInterval : Specifies the interval for date fields in years, quarters, months, etc. rangeInterval : Specifies the interval value to group the number field.