This sample demonstrates the basic rendering of the Chart control using pivot data. PivotTable Field List is also enabled to change the report at runtime.

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In this sample, the Pivot View component plots a chart widget based on the pivot report bound to it. This can be achieved by setting the property displayOption.view to Chart. The built-in options are: Table -> Renders grid widget only, which is the default. Chart -> Renders chart widget only. Both -> Renders both grid and chart widget. You can change the chart types using the Chart Types dropdown list separately. The chart types can be set using the chartSettings.chartSeries.type property. The built-in chart types are: Column Line Spline Bar Area StepArea SplineArea StackingColumn StackingArea StackingBar StepLine Pareto Bubble Scatter StackingColumn100 StackingBar100 StackingArea100 Polar Radar In the sample, the field list option is enabled, through which you can see the result in the chart by altering the report dynamically. Injecting Module: The pivotgrid widget features are segregated into individual modules. To take advantage of chart support, we need to inject the PivotChart module using the PivotView.Inject(PivotChart) method.