Example of undefined in Javascript Pivot Table Control

Server-side Aggregation

This sample demonstrates how to use a server-side pivot engine to obtain, process and return the summarized data via a remote service and display it in the pivot table.

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The Pivot Table's server-side pivot engine (external pivot engine) uses the Syncfusion package Syncfusion.Pivot.Engine to gather data from the data source and perform all pivot operations such as aggregation, filtering, sorting, grouping, and more on a separate hosted server and only paged data is sent to the pivot table viewport via web service. The dataSourceSettings->url property allows this web service URL to be connected to the pivot table. In this demo, the pivot table is shown with the virtualization option enabled through the enableVirtualization property and an external server engine. This would improve pivot table rendering performance when working with large amounts of data. Injecting Module: The pivot table features are segregated into individual modules. To use the virtual scrolling option, we need to inject the VirtualScroll module using the PivotView.Inject(VirtualScroll) method. More information about server-side aggregation can be found in this documentation section.