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Multi-Format Viewer

This sample shows how it loads various file types like PDFs, images, and Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) into the PDF Viewer.

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Drop files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, PDF)


This sample provides a hands-on demonstration of the PDF Viewer's ability to load and display a diverse range of file formats, including PDFs, images, and Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Users can interact with the sample in the following ways: Use the Browse button to select any file of interest. Alternatively, drag and drop a chosen file into the designated file pick area. Once a valid file is selected, it will be seamlessly loaded into the PDF Viewer located below, allowing users to easily view and interact with the content. Support for various file formats, including: PDF - '.pdf' Excel - '.xlsx','.xls' Image - '.jpeg','.jpg','.png','.bmp' PowerPoint - '.pptx','.pptm','.potx','.potm' Word - '.doc','.docx','dot','dotx','docm','dotm','rtf' Note : The PDF conversions are performed using the appropriate libraries, while the role of the PDF Viewer is solely to display the converted PDF document. More information on the PDF Viewer instantiation can be found in this documentation section.