Example of Custom Toolbar in Javascript PDF Viewer Control


This example illustrates the process of crafting a customized toolbar within the PDF Viewer, allowing you to incorporate specific tools tailored to your needs.

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This sample demonstrate how to perform the PDF Viewer core functionalities using a custom toolbar. In this example, you can see PDF Viewer control API in action to perform the functionalities. Load document - viewer.load(fileName, password) Save - viewer.download() Go to Previous Page - viewer.navigation.goToPreviousPage() Go to Next Page - viewer.navigation.goToNextPage() Go to Page - viewer.navigation.goToPage(pageindex) TextSelection - textSelection() Pan - panMode() Annotation Edit - openEditAnntation() FormFields Edit - addEditFormFields() Search Text - viewer.textSearch.searchText(searchText,isMatchCase) Search Next - viewer.textSearch.searchNext() Search Previous - viewer.textSearch.searchPrevious() Cancel Search Text - viewer.textSearch.cancelTextSearch() Print - viewer.print.print() Fit To Page - viewer.magnification.fitToPage() Zoom In - viewer.magnification.zoomIn() Zoom Out - viewer.magnification.zoomOut() More information on the PDF Viewer instantiation can be found in this documentation section.