Example of Default Functionalities in Javascript Maps Control

Default Functionalities

This sample visualizes the continents in the world by rendering these in a map layer. Also marks the office locations of YouTube in the world using markers.

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In this example, you can see how to render a map with the provided GeoJSON data. Group of shapes can be combined to form a layer of the map. You can bind the desired colors from the data source to the map shapes. The marker templates are used to display the names for shapes and mark specific locations. Legend is enabled in this example to represent each continent. Tooltip is enabled in this example. To see the tooltip in action, hover the mouse over a marker or tap a marker in touch enabled devices. Injecting Module Maps component features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use a marker, inject the Marker module using the Maps.Inject(Marker) method, and use a legend by injecting the Legend module. More information on maps can be found in this documentation section.