Example of Remote Data in Javascript ListView Control

Remote Data

This sample demonstrates the Remote-data functionalities of the ListView. Click any list item to select and highlight an item.

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ListView supports data binding and the dataSource property can be assigned with the instance of DataManager to bind remote the data. The DataManager that act as an interface between the service endpoint, and ListView will require the following minimal information to interact with the service endpoint properly. DataManager->url - Defines the service endpoint to fetch data. DataManager->adaptor - Defines the adaptor option. By default, ODataAdaptor is used for remote binding. Adaptor is responsible for processing response and request from/to the service endpoint. @syncfusion/ej2-data package provides some predefined adaptors that are designed to interact with the particular service endpoints. They are, UrlAdaptor - Use this to interact any remote services. This is the base adaptor for all remote based adaptors. ODataAdaptor - Use this to interact with OData endpoints. ODataV4Adaptor - Use this to interact with OData V4 endpoints. WebApiAdaptor - Use this to interact with Web API created under OData standards. WebMethodAdaptor - Use this to interact with web methods. In this sample, the remote data is bound to be a collection of Products data as an instance of DataManager.