This sample demonstrates how to bind data in the InPlaceEditor component with a remote service. The InPlaceEditor input data is bound to remote data using DataManager.

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The url and adaptor properties can be assigned with the instance of DataManager to bind remote data. url- Defines the service endpoint to fetch data. adaptor - Defines the adaptor option. An adaptor is responsible for processing responses and requests from and to the service endpoint. The @syncfusion/ej2-data package provides some predefined adaptors that are designed to interact with particular service endpoints. They are: UrlAdaptor  - Use this to interact with any remote services. This is the base adaptor for all remote-based adaptors. ODataV4Adaptor  - Use this to interact with OData V4 endpoints. WebApiAdaptor  - Use this to interact with Web API created under OData standards. In this demo, remote data is bound by assigning service data as an instance of DataManager internally. More information on the InPlaceEditor instantiation can be found in the  documentation section.