Example of undefined in Javascript Heatmap Chart Control

Label Template

This sample illustrates a comprehensive view of the likelihood and impact of an organization’s risks. Risks that fall into the HeatMap's green zones require no action. Action is required in the yellow areas. Risks that fall into the red zone require immediate action.

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In this example, you can see how to use the labelTemplate to display images in the HeatMap cells. The labelTemplate can be used to add any HTML elements into the HeatMap cells, such as images, text, and so on. The tooltip is enabled in this example. To see the tooltip in action, hover the mouse over an item or tap an item on touch-enabled devices. Injecting Module Heatmap component features are separated into discrete feature-based modules. To use data adaptor support, inject the Adaptor module using Heatmap.Inject(Adaptor) method and to use a tooltip, inject the Tooltip module using the Heatmap.Inject(Tooltip) method. More information about label template can be found in this documentation section.