Example of Filter Menu in Javascript Data Grid Control

Filter Menu

This sample demonstrates filtering Grid columns using menu, checkbox, and Excel filter UI. In this sample, click the filter icon on the column header to filter a particular column. You can change the filter type on the properties panel. When Excel filter type is selected, you can sort the column using the sort option in the Excel filter dialog.

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Filter Type

The filtering feature enables the user to view a reduced number of records based on the filter criteria. It can be enabled by setting the allowFiltering property to true. Grid supports the following filter types. FilterBar Menu CheckBox Excel you can change the filter type by setting filterSettings->type Now, the following additional filter operators are incorporated with the already existing operators. String type columns: Not Equal Does Not Start With Does Not End With Does Not Contain Empty Not Empty Like Number and Date type columns: Null Not Null For example, when the Like search operator is used: %a% - Filters words containing the character 'a' a% - Filters words ending with 'a' %a - Filters words starting with 'a' In this demo, filter menu is enabled by default. You can switch to other filter types using the dropdown.