Example of Unscheduled Tasks in Javascript Gantt Chart Control

Unscheduled Tasks

This sample visualizes the support for displaying unscheduled tasks in Gantt and adding empty rows using the custom toolbar button.

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Unscheduled tasks are tasks in a project that are not scheduled with proper dates or duration at the commencement of the project. These tasks can be scheduled properly at any time during project implementation based on factors such as resource availability, dependent tasks, and more. This example shows how to display the unscheduled tasks in Gantt by enabling the allowUnscheuldedTasks property. This also shows how to add an empty row in Gantt by using a custom toolbar button click action. By using the toolbarClick event and addRecord method, an empty row can be added at the top of the rows with undefined task details. Injecting Module: Gantt control features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use a toolbar and add support, inject the Toolbar and Edit module using the Gantt.Inject(Toolbar, Edit) method and use a selection by injecting the Selection module using the Gantt.Inject(Selection) method.