Example of Tooltip Template in Javascript Gantt Chart Control

Tooltip Template

This sample explains the way of rendering tooltip template for taskbar and baseline by mapping template elements to the property of taskbar and baseline in tooltipSettings.

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Tooltip can be enabled or disabled using tooltipSettings.showTooltip property.In this demo, the tooltip template is rendered for taskbar and baseline using the tooltipSettings.taskbar and tooltipSettings.baseline properties. The baseline feature enables the user to view the deviation between the planned dates and the actual dates of the tasks in a project. Baselines can be enabled in Gantt chart by enabling the renderBaseline property along with mapping the data source values for baselineStartDate and baselineEndDate properties. Injecting Module: Gantt control features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules.To use a selection, inject the Selection module using the Gantt.Inject(Selection) method.To use markers, inject the DayMarkers module using the Gantt.Inject(DayMarkers) method.