Example of Save and Load in Javascript Diagram Control


This sample visualizes building diagrams interactively and editing the saved diagrams. Symbol Palette is used to easily build diagrams.

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This example shows how to drag-and-drop shapes and connectors from symbol palette to build diagrams. You can save the diagram as text files and edit the pre-saved diagrams. The saveDiagram method can be used to save the diagram as string. The loadDiagram method can be used to load the diagram from a string. In this example, context menu and undo/redo features are enabled. Injecting Module The diagram component’s features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To enable undo/redo support, inject UndoRedo module using Diagram.Inject(UndoRedo) method. To enable context menu, inject DiagramContextMenu module using Diagram.Inject(DiagramContextMenu) method.