Example of Selection in Javascript Chart Control


This sample illustrates the selection feature in chart. To select a specific point, click the point. The selection mode can be changed by changing Selection Mode in panel. Multiple selection also can be enabled by Enable MultipleSelection.

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This sample demonstrates the selection behavior in a chart. Any point or a series can be selected in a chart by clicking or touching the point. We can also select the point while loading chart through selectedDataIndexes properties. Click to select a point or series, click and drag to enable rectangular selection. Rectangular selection will return the collection point that are selected under the region. Tap to select a point or series, double tap and drag to enable rectangular selection in touch enabled devices. Chart supports seven mode of selection which can be set using SelectionMode property. Series - Select the series in chart. Point - Select a point in the series . Cluster - Select a group of points in the chart. DragXY - Rectangular selection with respect to both axis. DragX - Rectangular selection with respect to horizontal axis. DragY - Rectangular selection with respect to vertical axis. Lasso - Select free form of selection area points. Injecting Module Chart component features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use selection feature, we need to inject Selection module using Chart.Inject(Selection) method.