Example of Line in Javascript Chart Control


This sample demonstrates polar series with line type for Alaska weather statistics data of the year 2016. The angle can be changed and the series can be inversed by using the properties in the panel.

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Source: www.yr.no
Series Type:
Start Angle:



In this example, you can see how to render and configure the line type charts. Line type charts are used to represent time-dependent data, showing trends in data at equal intervals. You can use dashArray, width, fill properties to customize the line. marker and dataLabel are used to represent individual data and its value. Tooltip is enabled in this example, to see the tooltip in action, hover a point or tap on a point in touch enabled devices. Injecting Module Chart component features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use Line drawtype in Polar series and Radar series, we need to inject PolarSeries, RadarSeries and LineSeries module using Chart.Inject(PolarSeries, RadarSeries, LineSeries) method. More information on the polar series can be found in this documentation section.