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Context menu

The TreeGrid has options to show the context menu when right clicked on it. To enable this feature, you need to define either default or custom item in the ContextMenuItems.

The default items are in the following table.

Items Description
AutoFit Auto fit the current column.
AutoFitAll Auto fit all columns.
Edit Edit the current record.
Delete Delete the current record.
Save Save the edited record.
Cancel Cancel the edited state.
PdfExport Export the treegrid data as Pdf document.
ExcelExport Export the treegrid data as Excel document.
CsvExport Export the treegrid data as CSV document.
SortAscending Sort the current column in ascending order.
SortDescending Sort the current column in descending order.
FirstPage Go to the first page.
PrevPage Go to the previous page.
LastPage Go to the last page.
NextPage Go to the next page.
AddRow Add new row to the treegrid.
@using TreeGridComponent.Data;
@using Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.TreeGrid;

<EjsTreeGrid DataSource="@TreeGridData" AllowSorting="true" AllowPaging="true" AllowExcelExport="true" AllowPdfExport="true" IdMapping="TaskId" ParentIdMapping="ParentId" TreeColumnIndex="1"
             ContextMenuItems="@(new List<object>() { "AutoFit", "AutoFitAll", "SortAscending", "SortDescending","Copy", "Edit", "Delete", "Save", "Cancel","PdfExport", "ExcelExport", "CsvExport", "FirstPage", "PrevPage","LastPage", "NextPage"})">
    <TreeGridEditSettings AllowAdding="true" AllowEditing="true" AllowDeleting="true" Mode="Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.TreeGrid.EditMode.Row"></TreeGridEditSettings>
    <TreeGridPageSettings PageSize="1"></TreeGridPageSettings>
        <TreeGridColumn Field="TaskId" HeaderText="Task ID" Width="80" IsPrimaryKey="true" TextAlign="Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.Grids.TextAlign.Right"></TreeGridColumn>
        <TreeGridColumn Field="TaskName" HeaderText="Task Name" Width="160"></TreeGridColumn>
        <TreeGridColumn Field="Duration" HeaderText="Duration" Width="100" Format="C2" TextAlign="Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.Grids.TextAlign.Right"></TreeGridColumn>
        <TreeGridColumn Field="Progress" HeaderText="Progress" Width="100" TextAlign="Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.Grids.TextAlign.Right"></TreeGridColumn>
        <TreeGridColumn Field="Priority" HeaderText="Priority" Width="80"></TreeGridColumn>

    EjsTreeGrid<TreeData> TreeGrid;

    public List<TreeData> TreeGridData { get; set; }

    protected override void OnInitialized()
        this.TreeGridData = TreeData.GetSelfDataSource().ToList();
namespace TreeGridComponent.Data {

public class TreeData
            public int TaskId { get; set;}
            public string TaskName { get; set;}
            public int? Duration { get; set;}
            public int? Progress { get; set;}
            public string Priority { get; set;}
            public int? ParentId { get; set;}
        public static List<TreeData> GetSelfDataSource()
            List<TreeData> BusinessObjectCollection = new List<TreeData>();
            BusinessObjectCollection.Add(new TreeData() { TaskId = 1,TaskName = "Parent Task 1",Duration = 10,Progress = 70,Priority = "Critical",ParentId = null });
            BusinessObjectCollection.Add(new TreeData() { TaskId = 2,TaskName = "Child task 1",Progress = 80,Priority = "Low",ParentId = 1 });
            BusinessObjectCollection.Add(new TreeData() { TaskId = 3,TaskName = "Child Task 2",Duration = 5,Progress = 65,Priority = "Critical",ParentId = 2 });
            BusinessObjectCollection.Add(new TreeData() { TaskId = 4,TaskName = "Child task 3",Duration = 6,Priority = "High",Progress = 77,ParentId = 3 });
            BusinessObjectCollection.Add(new TreeData() { TaskId = 5,TaskName = "Parent Task 2",Duration = 10,Progress = 70,Priority = "Critical",ParentId = null});
            BusinessObjectCollection.Add(new TreeData() { TaskId = 6,TaskName = "Child task 1",Duration = 4,Progress = 80,Priority = "Critical",ParentId = 5});
            BusinessObjectCollection.Add(new TreeData() { TaskId = 7,TaskName = "Child Task 2",Duration = 5,Progress = 65,Priority = "Low",ParentId = 5});
            BusinessObjectCollection.Add(new TreeData() { TaskId = 8,TaskName = "Child task 3",Duration = 6,Progress = 77,Priority = "High",ParentId = 5});
            BusinessObjectCollection.Add(new TreeData() { TaskId = 9,TaskName = "Child task 4",Duration = 6,Progress = 77,Priority = "Low",ParentId = 5});
            return BusinessObjectCollection;

The following output is displayed as a result of the above code example.

Context Menu