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Drill Through

Allows to view the underlying raw data of a summarized cell in the pivot table. It can be enabled by setting the AllowDrillThrough property to true. By double-clicking on any value cell, user can view the detailed raw data in a data grid inside a new window. In the new window, row header, column header and measure name of the clicked cell will be shown at the top. Also, user can include or exclude fields available in the data grid using column chooser option.

    @using Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.PivotView

    <EjsPivotView TValue="ProductDetails" AllowDrillThrough="true">
         <PivotViewDataSourceSettings DataSource="@data">
                <PivotViewColumn Name="Year"></PivotViewColumn>
                <PivotViewColumn Name="Quarter"></PivotViewColumn>
                <PivotViewRow Name="Country"></PivotViewRow>
                <PivotViewRow Name="Products"></PivotViewRow>
                <PivotViewValue Name="Amount" Caption="Sold Amount"></PivotViewValue>
                <PivotViewFormatSetting Name="Amount" Format="C"></PivotViewFormatSetting>

        public List<ProductDetails> data { get; set; }
        protected override void OnInitialized()
   = ProductDetails.GetProductData().ToList();
           //Bind the data source collection here. Refer "Assigning sample data to the pivot table" section in getting started for more details.