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Create DropDownButton with rounded corner

DropDownButton with rounded corner can be achieved by adding border-radius CSS property to button element.

In the following example, e-round-corner class is defined with 5px border-radius property and added that class to button element using CssClass property.

@using Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.SplitButtons

<EjsDropDownButton Items="@Items" CssClass="e-round-corner">Clipboard</EjsDropDownButton>

@code {
    public List<ItemModel> Items = new List<ItemModel>
        new ItemModel{ Text = "Edit" },
        new ItemModel{ Text = "Copy" },
        new ItemModel{ Text = "Paste" }

    .e-round-corner {
        border-radius: 5px;

Output be like

Button Sample